What if you found...

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  1. ...a treasure box, only instead of being filled with treasure it was filled with human eyeballs that were perfectly preserved and they were from people going back as far as thousands of years. And if you held the eyeball in your hand you could see what life was like for that person and know everything they knew. But the moment you held and eyeball an ancient wizard would awaken and then you would spend the rest of your life on the run because he knew your scent.

    Dig in to your inner child and answer.... WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
  2. Eeeew! Eyeballs!

    Then promply throw said chest into the ocean, never knowing the secret or about the wizard.
  3. I can see myself as a blind man in the not-so-near future - although if I go blind too early, I'll have a hard time making art.
  4. My mama taught me better than to touch shit in the store.
  5. I'd. Uhm. I'd probably lick one.
    I'm really sorry about that. But I asked myself honestly and that's what Five-Year-Old-Kitti said.
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  6. Touch them all so that I can know all I need to kill the wizard!
  7. I would give the wizard his eyes back because he just wants his eyes back and then we would be friends and have rad parties in his wizard tower and he would teach me magic so we could take over the world.
  8. I'd try and see if science could use it to bring sight to the blind somehow.
  9. First eye: Lick it, then throw it at a wall.
    Second eye: Throw it, just for fun.
    Third eye: Take a closer look at it, say "ew" then throw it.
    Fourth eye: Throw it at that girl I like.
    Fifth eye: eat it.

    BUT WHY IS THE WIZARD CHASING US??! Does he collect eyeballs or something?
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  10. I would not touch the eyeballs, instead I think that I would give the wizard my own eye, bargain with him for that Epic robe of Twilight he's got on.
  11. I wouldn't touch them, but surly someone somewhere would pay a very high price for the mystery chest. As for the wizard, if I don't touch them it's not my problem right?