<<"What if the world we knew was false?">>

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  1. "What is truth and reality really?" asked Tobias. "The world we inhabit is only what we perceive.
    "So what is this mad world but a collection of fantasy?
    "Can every thing I know be false?
    "I have only what I believe. Nothing I can see, feel, or touch... and yet I believe it because it is all I know.
    "Now knowing these things I return to my first question. I feel that it is not so simple.
    "So tell me... in this world of myth...what is there?"
    1. no cussing or vulgar comments
    2. the thread is part discussion. If religious views are posted they will be challenged.
    3. morals are free to be challenged, but not overly criticized.
    4. try not to god-mod too much and stay with the story as much as possible.
    5. have fun!
    How to play
    1. make your character. give basic bio or shorter.
    2. role play from the point of view of your character world as you see it.
    3. describe your world. try making it come to life. what is you world and what is your character's ideal?
    4. the goal of the game is to make a world that cannot exist, yet does.
    5. your character can be for or against Tobias as he strives to create a perfect world.
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  2. Name: Tobias
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: God/GM
    Age: 13
    General Appearance: Soft yet intense brown eyes, dark brown hair, pale, wearing a white robe
    Current Goal/Purpose: To make a perfect world. To seek truth.
    General Personality: Slow and intense. Socially awkward.
    General History: Tobias lives in a fictional city called Westward. He is tired of the way the world is going and decides to change it.