What Happened to the Soul that You Used to Be? (Libertine Version!)

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  1. So! I usually do fandoms, but I have a few original ideas that I'm looking to do as well.


    I prefer to play the female or oc role. However, if absolutely necessary, I will double, provided you do as well.

    I use third person, and I will not accept any other type of writing in my role plays.

    I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, I'll admit it. I need a partner who can spell properly, and use punctuation properly as well. I also prefer someone who knows the difference between your and you're.

    I am unemployed currently, so I do have a lot of time on my hands. However, currently, I have a very hectic life, and though I may get on to check things, there's no guarantee I'll be able to reply every day.
    I try my best, honestly, but right now, my health is taking a lot of time up, so I'm focusing on that.

    That being said, please bump any threads or PMs that I haven't replied to for two days. I would enjoy having a partner who can reply every other day or two, though every day would be awesome!

    As for sexy scenes: I am willing to do some things, but I will not write out the whole sex scene. I want to do a little bit of steamy stuff, but I'm not 100% ready to start writing a whole sex scene.
    Please respect this.

    Now. Onto the ideas and such.


    Harry Potter- I'm looking for Snape.

    Lord of the Rings- I'm looking for Legolas.

    The Walking Dead- I'm looking for Daryl or Rick, though preferably Daryl.

    Sons of Anarchy- I'm looking for Jax or Opie.

    Death Note- I'm looking for Mello or Light.

    Supernatural- I'm looking for Dean or Castiel.

    Sailor Moon- I'm looking for Sailor Jupiter. (This will be female/female.)

    Life is Strange- I'm looking for Chloe. (This will be female/female.)


    Psychic person/Ghost
    Monster girl/Monster boy or girl
    All girls boarding school
    Bad Boy/Head cheerleader
    Bisexual girl/New girl in school

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  2. More fandoms-

    Dragon Age- Looking for Fenris or Cullen

    Persona 4- Looking for Chie or Rise (This will be female/female)
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