What english sounds like to non-English speakers

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  1. That confused my brain man!
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  2. Now can anyone see the youtube link? Because I've been noticing I can't see them on the forums for some reason..
  3. My mind went to mush. Aaaaaa
  4. What the...?

    And youtube link is fine
  5. Anyone using firefox might have a problem seeing videos on Iwaku! They just have to look at the URL bar to the left hand side where there is a "shield" symbol and allow content!
  6. I've seen this before, and I liked it so much, but it was also really frustrating because you feel sooooo close to understanding.
  7. Oh wow.

    That is so close to what English sounds like that it almost feels like you should be able to understand it. It's really quite creepy.

    It makes you wonder what people that don't speak English think when we try to imitate their languages with gibberish. If we ever get as close as this video comes to English or if it really just sounds like gibberish.
  8. Sounds like Sims speaking.