What drives you?

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What Drives you Iwaku?

What makes you do what you do? What makes you write, exercise, play music, get out of bed every morning, whatever it is you do? Everyone has something that motivates them. Sometimes it's a goal, other times it's an emotion, or maybe it's another person?

Whatever it is, post it! Let us know what makes you such an amazing and motivated person!

Hate drives me.

There you have it, October knight is and always was a hater.


I'm the complete opposite xD

Love drives me.

The love of the world, little things like the squirrel staring up at me when I put up the blinds in the morning, or the color of the sky at sunset when I throw out garbage.

If not something natural, then the love of people.

Octy's hate drives me! Well, if I knew more about it, it probably would. When someone else believes strongly in something, I believe strongly in their belief and in their perseverance. That gives me strength to support them. And their success is like hope for me to succeed in my own dreams, too!

...I wonder if that makes any sense? I feel like I've rambled somewhat..
I'm driven by determination and what my mom might call stubborness. I guess I've always been nagged and pushed most of my life so I have a natural tendency to have goals set for myself and then make sure I try to work toward them as best I can. Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I am future oriented to a degree. Though I always leave room for changes and the unexpected cuz you never know what's going to happen. In my determination to succeed I often force myself to do things I may not original intend or want to do though *sigh* oh well I'll fidn a happy balance ^^
Twin passions of love and curiosity. I think I'll be 100 and still be an innocent, loving everyone and wondering how it all fits together. There is SO much to life and I want to have a chance to experience it all!
I suppose the need to accomplish things others haven't. To be something people thought I could never be. I guess everyone needs proof even to their selves their worth something. That's what drives me the need to find my place in this huge world while having fun in the process.
Atleast october is doing his job haters got to hate!
Music. Plain and simple.
Music is my everything, and I need nothing more.
As disturbing as it is... Death may be the biggest motivator for me. I can't stand the the thought of dying and not doing all of the things I want to do in life. I want to be able to live a full and happy life. It's what motivates me to take risks because I believe that you only have one chance to live out your dreams.
I'm driven by a lack of motivation. So I'm driven by searching for a reason to be driven, and I think I might have found it, perhaps, but still, I SEARCH.
I am driven by the quest for happiness and contentment!

Everything I do is meant for building a nest of contentment. :3 Working on acquiring things to make life comfortable. Building relationships so I am surrounded by people I love. Solving past issues do I don't wallow in past grief.

I just want to be happy with my life!
Music. And coffee. The two most awesome things in the entire world.
Cake. Sushi. Coca-Cola. Music. Movies. People. Evilness. Stories. Hugs. Warmth. Combustible Lemons. Explosive Sheep and Cute Things.
Sheer force of will.
I have no delusions of grandeur and am not primarily motivated by monetary gain.
I instead choose to exist for the sole purpose of doing my part to better mankind.
I want to accomplish great things for no other reason than progress.
I am but a simple cog in a much greater, and complex, machine.
I don't really know what drives me o.O
Every morning when I get out of bed I ask myself WHY am I going up? For the most I don't have an answer but the latest month's I actually had found an answer. "I WANT TO CHECK MY RP" that is my answer now a days xD before I had rp then I didn't have a reason xD

What drives me to go to school and do homeworks is that I can't stand to get F and I can't stand being late xD That's pretty good because I'm almost never late and have never failed any subjects YET xD
I am driven by the compulsion to do something better than myself, to impact peoples lives and be able to change something, it doesn't have to be monumental. This is a large driving force behind wanting to pursue a medical career.

Besides that, my other driving force would be the urge to learn. I want to learn as much as I can.
I do because I do. Leave the introspection for full moons, liquor, and bouts of loneliness or depression that follows failure.
Success. To be able to say "I told you so" to the asshats that thought I'd never amount to anything.