What Doesn't Kill You (Akela x Eternalfire61)

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  1. (I know this profile is short but I don't like giving a ton away in them. I'd rather describe in the intro and as we go on)

    Name: Alice (last name unknown)

    Age: 15

    Description: Living in nothing but foster government run homes and on the street she’s scrawny and underweight, obviously a late bloomer physically. Alice has matted, dirty, light brown hair, deep green eyes, and stands at 5’5. Despite the clothes that clearly aren’t made for her and never fit, she has a spark in her eyes and her lips are in a hard line that shows she won’t take anyone pushing her around.

    Bio: Was in the government system until 3 years ago when she managed to run away and make a life for herself on the streets of London, England. If you could call it a life, that is. Alice has made friends when necessary to stay alive, but afraid of being taken back under government care has done no more than that. She’s an excellent pick-pocket and manipulator.
  2. Name: Damon Threon
    Alias': Moon, The Keeper, Jacks Gret
    Description (Partly based off this picture I liked):
    Biography: There is several things you know about Damon. He was raised in England with a mother and a father. He attended school, passed all of his classes, and made it to college. After college he worked for a while then joined the brotherhood. Damon seems to keep his past close to him and his future kept under wraps.