What do YOU want to see in the future?


A Bomb!
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Flying cars, AI, and fembots are nice 'n all, but what would YOU, personally, want to see arrive in the future? Something that would just be SO cool, but nobody really talks about?

I want a random music generator that creates music styled after my favorite artist or song. Having a never-ending Blind Guardian playlist would make my decade.
Isn't that kind of like Pandora? <3

I want equality and what society defines as 'beautiful' to be erased. Focus on what is inside the mind, heart and soul instead.
I don't care about futuristic gizmos.

Then I'm in.
Realistically, A cure for cancer and aids.


Human cloning, mwahahah. A.I. Time travel. Super awesome and affordable virtual reality gaming. SMELL-O-VISION!

Stuff like that.
I want something that can take what I am thinking and put it to a viewing screen. c_____c I could make lil mind movies!
Can't believe no-one mentioned teleporters...

TELEPORTERS! Instant access to ANY part of the world!
People with common sense in places of leadership...

But more realistically, anti-gravity on earth. For like... Star Wars style travel.