ROLEPLAY What do you value in a player/partner?

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  1. sometimes we have requirements of our partners, sometimes we just have traits we really enjoy in a partner/player. This discussion is mostly about the latter.

    what kinds of qualities and behaviours make a person into an especially valued or appreciated partner/player for you?

    For me, I'd have to say my top five (in no particular order) are:

    1. Honesty/communication: I want a partner who isn't afraid to tell me when they're losing interest, would like to change one of my ideas, or need help or more time for their next post. I'd much rather receive bad or disappointing news than no news, and it saddens me when roleplays that I could potentially have fixed die off because a partner was too hesitant to tell me they were having troubles.

    2. Invention: I love love LOVE it when a partner contributes their own ideas and plot twists. As an avid worldbuilder, I purposely leave room in my settings for partners to add their own elements, I love it when they do so, it creates a much more varied and interesting world for me. Playing in a game completely composed of my own ideas is boring for me.

    3. English Skills: misspellings and grammatical errors are distracting for me, I truly, deeply appreciate it when a partner takes the time to proof-read properly. The odd error slipping through isn't a deal-breaker, but I need to know they're making an effort.

    4. Flexibility: It's very important to me that a partner be as willing as I am to change plans at the drop of a plot twist, and be able to compromise ideas in order to suit both of our interests. The joy of roleplaying (for me at least) is not being able to completely predict everything, because you never know what your partner will throw in there. I dislike being railroaded, or having to lead the story to something it's not naturally going to get to. Romance especially; I really hate being pressured to put my characters into romantic relationships with other characters if they don't click or have the right chemistry together.

    5. Friendliness: I don't demand or even expect friendship out of all my roleplay partners, but I like it when it's not weird to drop a "how's life?" and have a casual conversation that doesn't pertain to the roleplay. Getting to know you more personally can help to enhance the roleplay, too, because I can drop in things relevant to your interests or mood to make it more enjoyable for you.
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  2. Generally speaking, I value all of those things above as well. Another thing I value is patience. I am very busy with homework day to day so I can't force myself to sit on the computer and type up a post every hour or so.
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  3. From a GM standpoint, I greatly appreciate invention as well, but as more broad definition, I appreciate players who are self-motivated and contribute in whatever way they can think up. I greatly enjoy discussing things within the roleplay, rather than simply leading non-stop with little input from other players. It's always more fun for me to continually add or update previously considered plans at the suggestion of players.
  4. COMMUNICATION. More than anything else. If they don't talk to me, if they don't ask me questions, over ninety percent of those people just disappear without a trace. The ones that ask me questions though, that are actively participating and communicating, they tend to stick around a lot longer.
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