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EXERCISE What Do You See? 1

Discussion in 'INSPIRING MUSES' started by Greenie, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Here's a little something to tickle your creativity!

    Watch this music video with the volume muted. Whilst watching, or perhaps once you are done, write down a short story or a plot based on what you saw.

    :thumbsup2: You are your only barrier, so break free and write as you will! :thumbsup2:

  2. The car pulled into the abandoned parking lot behind the mall. for the fifth time this week. The only occupant of the car was the eighteen year old male known to his friends as Ryker. Nobody knew or remembered his real name and he liked it that way.

    He liked this place more than he cared to admit. It was the spot where Dana had died and she was still here. He knew it because he had going here for the last five weeks. Each and every day he would go to visit her and she would ask him why she left him in this parking. To the outside observer, he would look crazy, but he honestly found a solution to this. He went late at night

    Ryker had stopped caring what other people thought months ago. He took a moment before he spoke to take a deep breath. " Dana, it's Ryker. I am back again to visit. Are you here?"

    He walked forward, repeating the same line over and over again until he reached the point where she would be. He didn't see her today. Maybe she wasn't here. Before he had a chance to react, he was punched in the jaw. He recoiled a bit. " Let me go, Ryks. Please leave me alone. Don't come any closer."

    Ryker ignored her and continued to walk forward, continuing to speak. " You are the only one who I can trust. Nobody else alive understands me or why I am doing this."

    Once again before he could react, he was punched twice and before he could even do anything was thrown back. He rolled on the ground. " Dana... why are you doing this? Please, I love you. Please, don't do this me." He waited for an answer, but received another punch, but he didn't stop walking. He didn't stop going. He kept talking, the same thing that he had said before and was met with another punch to the other side of his jaw. He didn't care, he would take a thousand punches from her, even if it was from her ghost.

    He kept looking at her. " I would take a thousand punches for you. I will get beaten and bruised. I will take a million hits just to be here with you." He was met with four more punches and fell to the ground. He continued to walk, talking more. " You can't leave me like this. Not now. I need you now more than ever." Before he could even say another one, he was punched under his jaw and was thrown back onto the floor. He wasn't giving up on her. Not now.

    " Please, just stop Ryks. Let me go. " As he got up, he was met with three successive punches to the jaw and fell back to the floor. Before he could even get up, he was dragged back towards his car, kicking and screaming the whole way back. He didn't want to leave her. He was forced to stand up and he slammed his head against the glass car door.

    The glass shattered in a thousand pieces around him and he really wished he understand why she did it. " Why are you leaving me alone on the floor? Don't you love me back? ANSWER ME... GODDAMN IT."

    " I am not giving up," he said, running towards her ghost. He hoped that he rushed her he could at least get a hug. He was instead met with a punch and set flying through the wall. He was knocked out and when he woke up, he looked over at her and she was there, standing beautifully and entering her door. It was what he wanted this whole time. Her to move on and finally stand up to him for all the things he did to her. Kissing her best friend, lying about it. She was finally free of him and that was all he wanted. He wanted her to move on... even if he couldn't.

    He looked at himself in the mirror and all the bruises she had given him standing up to her. He barely recognized himself and looked down at the sink and washed his face, hoping that the blood would calm down. When he emerged from washing his face, it was clear of any bruises. He was so surprised by this. A final parting gift from her to him, she didn't want the world to lose his pretty face. How ironic. He left the wall and when he turned back, it was fixed as was his car window. He smiled and left in the car he came with, hoping that he could find ways to help the others he had hurt over the years...

    After all, there was a ton to atone for when you were one of the few remaining living people on the Earth and can only move on yourself once everyone you ever loved has moved on or forgiven you.

    He hoped those wouldn't be as damaging as Dana.

    It was all he could do now, lest he would leave this world in stitches.
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  3. Verox couldn't believe what he was about to do. It sounded plain barbaric when it was explained to him how this was going down. But he's come so close now, all he had to do was suffer this beat-in and the crew would take him. Then he'd finally be able to get off this rock. It was either join up with uncouth pirates or join the Navy and get stuck up in a ship in orbit for the rest of his service. He's desire to be free will numb the pain.

    As Verox's car hovers across the desert he sees in the distance the hulking frigate known as "Blight". It's captain, "Toblan Rosh", was a former a republic fleet officer before him and his crew went rogue on a escort job. Toblan cut a deal with local pirate elements and leaked intelligence on fleet formation and the contents of the goods they were escorting. One- hundred million credits worth of gold was being hauled off as tribute to the Imperium that was rampaging across the cluster in its war against the commonwealth. The Republic didn't want to come off as a force they needed to wipe out so arranged a gift. Toblan saw this as a pathetic move that made them only look weak and scared. So, he got fed up with how cowardly his goverment was being and decided to strike out on his own. Using his cut of the gold to boost his capital.

    Guess that explains the initiation. Verox pulls closer and closer to the landed ship. He felt like a alt compared to the size of the warship. He always wanted to see a ship up close so if he fails today, at least he got something out of it. He continues to drive along the side until making it up to the loading ramp in the back. Verox waits there at the front - collecting himself before driving upwards. He looks at the clock and sees that he only has but a minute left before he misses his strict deadline. no more time to waste, he drives up to the ramp to see a crowed waiting there inside the cargo bay.

    Verox pulls his car over to the side and steps out. The crowd is booing at him and screaming suggestive terms and phrases at him. He controls himself and steps towards the front of it where a split down the middle is. At the other end of the crowd sits the Captain, Toblan Rosh himself on a pile of small steel crates. What Verox had to do here was pass the gauntlet and kneel before Toblan and swear loyalty to him. "Easier said than done" he thought, as he steps forward into the crowd. Oddly enough there were rules to this - The line members of the ship could only hurl insults towards Verox where the lieutenants can strike blows. They were identified by red berets and when Verox saw his first beret it was accompanied by a five-knuckle sandwich that his mouth happily ate. Maybe its like this by design, when you see a lieutenant you best be afraid of them.

    Verox is knocked back by the blow, he crashes into some of the line members of the crowd who catch and push him forward. Verox was starting to feel regret about this, but its already too late to do anything but move forward - retreating from this would have him shot by a marksman propped up on some scaffolding. But he was told that nobody holds back in fear of you dying in the beat in. Hes only chance to make it out of this was to move forward. The Lieutenant that striked him before melted back into the crowd, they were only allowed one hit so at least he didn't have to worry about passing him again. The next lieutenant to take a blow at him gives him a good old fashioned gut punch which sends Verox to his knees. The line members scream at him for this display of weakness. Verox pulls himself up to his feet and before even catching his balance he presses on.

    Verox's eyes lock onto another red beret who looks at him wit ha smug grin as he crosses his arms. Seemingly not preparing to strike at him. For a second Verox thought that maybe he was slightly more friendly than the others not bothering to hit him. But that thought washes away as soon as he is grabbed from behind and shoved with force towards the man he was looking at. he steps forward and clothesline Verox and sends him crashing down to the floor. Despite it being a cheap move, Verox now has to suffer a penalty for being knocked down. The lieutenant that clothesline him and one he assumes that shoved him stand over him. The bend over and grab Verox by the arms and drag him all the way out of the crowd. They drop him back at the very front of the crowd and walk off, but not before one of the lieutenants spits on Verox's face.

    Wiping his face off, Verox painfully picks himself back up and looks towards the crowd in shock. He had to do it all over again? From where he was standing it didn't seem like he made much progress. But as he thought before he had no other choice but to continue or face a guaranteed execution for fleeing. Verox walked back into the crowd and thankfully found that the lieutenants from before have not returned to their posts. He could deal with the screaming and insults, it was the physical trauma he was struggling with. He pushes on, getting ever closer to Toban who looks down on him like he was just a worm. For a moment Verox felt sorta flattered that a man with such a reputation would even be paying him any attention. But as he become starstruck he is knocked on the side of his chin by another lieutenant. This sends him spinning but he remains his balance and stays on his feet. He turns back around and continues his pain riddled walk.

    The next lieutenant he encounters steps out in front of him and towers over him. He lifts up his leg and delivers a hard kick into Verox's stomach. This sends him walking back in recoil and falling to the ground. Verox's worst fears soon came to reality, as you only get one chance for falling to the ground. Verox is dragged back from out of the crowd, watching Toban as he became further from his reach. Toban has no reaction to this failure besides getting off from his crate throne and disappearing into the crowd.

    Verox is dragged back over to his car and one of the lieutenants pick him up and violently smashes his head into the car window. While still holding onto him, a line member comes over and picks up one of the shards of glass and hands it to the man holding him. The last thing Verox ever gets to see in this life, is a bunch of dirty, drunk and savage pirates eagerly watch him get his throat slashed by a shard of glass from his own car. Guess he didn't make the cut.
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