What do you listen to when you write?

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  1. Just a thought, but what do you enjoy to listen to while you write? For me it depends on the scene I am writing, however, for most stories/scenes I enjoy listening to instrumental piano or violin. ^_^
  2. Two Steps from Hell for Epic battle scenes.

    Sound Horizon and Shimotsuki Haruka for Mystical, Mysterious scenes

    Disney Villain Songs for... scheming scenes.

    Ragnarok Online OSTs for normal, travelling scenes
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  3. For my fanfics I have some playlists of songs that reflect what I'm writing

    For roleplaying, I just pick music that fits the scene

    More commonly though, I write in silence
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  4. I agree, silence is probably more of what I listen to more than anything, but sometimes music does keep things going~

    Yes to all of this. Just.. Yes. <3<3<3
  5. Depends on the character, mood, and environment of the scene, but always instrumental.

    My current playlist(s) mainly consists out of Uppermost, several OST's, and classical music. All categorised in character and in mood.
  6. I always go for mood music! Whatever suits the mood for the scene. >:3
  7. I tend to listen to upbeat music. While I'll try to lean towards mood-appropriate music, I find something high tempo and high energy (this for example) really gets me pumped and feeling productive, so I can tear through however many roleplays I need to write for in that one sitting.
  8. Depends on what I'm writing. Sometimes no music really catches the mood of the scene, other times it fits it perfect. It is, of course, all to personal taste.
  9. Kind of sad, kind of happy scenes: Hans Zimmer. Mainly Inception's and The Thin Red Line's OSTs

    Vocaloid or Weird Al Yankovic for upbeat scenes.

    Epic Scenes: really, I will listen to anything that sounds epic to me with this. I can't really name anyone. Jo Blankenburg, maybe?
  10. For roleplaying I tend to match music to specific characters and make playlists for them. I listen to those while writing them, sometimes picking out one song to throw on repeat if it is especially great at matching the tone or mood of the scene. For instance, for my character Kasim (a cocky ex-slave archer who is kind of a manwhore and is now maturing and trying to grow into being a good person), this song is the one I listen to a lot when he's being a manwhore and after someone made a joke to this effect this song is the one for when he's trying hard to be a hero and save the day.

    I also go for general tone music at times, either when character music isn't feeling quite right or if I'm doing non-roleplaying writing. I'll usually go for certain kinds of anime soundtrack music if I'm writing a crazy action scene. If it's a sad scene I'll go find sad songs instead. It's sorta like method acting, where I'll basically try to get myself into the mindset of whatever I'm writing by listening to appropriate music.

    And then there's the broader stuff that also acts as a last resort for writing inspiration/motivation, which is generic genre appropriate music. For sci-fi type stuff I'll find some electronic music of whatever sort sounds nice to me at the moment and try writing. For post-apocalyptic settings I'll either go for some music I enjoyed from Fallout games or generally darker feeling things. For fantasy, especially if it's high fantasy, I'll go for the sweeping epic instrumental music that suits it so well.

    So yeah, I just try to match music to some aspect of whatever I'm writing and go from there. :P
    1. Adrian von Ziegler (Good themed instrumental)
    2. BrunuhVille (Good themed instrumental)
    3. Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter (Good themed instrumental)
    4. Peter Gundry (Good themed instrumental)
    5. Two Steps From Hell (Good themed instrumental)
    6. Walid Feghali (Good themed instrumental)
    7. Faun (German vocal pagan folk music)
    8. Disney (Because who doesn't listen to a lil Disney)
    9. Paul Shapera (Steampunk themed)
    10. Patrick Winter (Tavern Themed Music)
    11. DragonStorm (Collection)
    12. Pandora Journey (Collection)
    13. Versus Music Official (Collection)
    14. ThePrimeCronus (Collection)
    15. Some Anime Music

    That's pretty much a good list of my top 15 that I'd listen to when writing, though there are A LOT of other things I listen to when I write, but I decided that it's best if I stop when I hit 15. Fifteen is a good number.

    I like everything that was listed above most when I'm writing because I can find something that sticks with the theme that I'm writing, though I also like Techno, rap, pop, rock, metal, alt, ect... though these other bands/songs I usually listen to depending on how I feel and in general. Even so I kinda get into music so some bands/songs would prevent me from writing more than help me.

    When it comes to themes of music though, I mostly write under Fantasy, or Steampunk themes so that's what I listen too. At times though I would need a bit of some darker or battle-related themes too. Vary rarely do I write under a more sci-fi theme, but when I do I drop most of my more favorite writing music bands and jump towards something that is either electronic, Techno, Glich-Hop or Dubstep (I know, I'm a music pleb).

    So yeah.... I like my writing music. xD
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  11. I actually make playlists slowly for each of my characters. So I'll play that when I post for that, or just random music I'm currently obsessed with.
  12. Whatever fits the writing.
    I usually don't care what I listen to while role-playing, but I do like to write short stories or whatever.
    Usually I would listen to some random song, then they'd bring out some sort of mood and I could just picture some sort of scene, then BOOM, a new story.
    Mainly works with instrumentals though.
  13. I usually listen to something that suits the character. On particularly significant posts, I often listen to something that suits the mood.

    I CAN write in silence but prefer not to.
  14. This, or something to the nature. Mood setting. Character response. The music usually helps me build the scene.

  15. random on my playlist
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