What do you like in a small town setting?

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  1. Worldbuilding can be done on any scale, and it's not uncommon even for role plays in a big world to stay in a relatively small area. Some worlds, however, are designed this way.

    Small towns, villages, boondocks and hermitages; this goes out to those who like small-area settings! What do you like about them?
  2. Small towns always seem to have some damn good lore and superstitions. I love love LOVE small town settings for spooky roleplays and things to do with the supernatural and the paranormal. Everything just feels so much more personal and woven together, y'know?
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    • Traditions are held onto with a death grip in small towns. It's easier to pass down the more unique traditions when everybody understands that this is just how things are done. Few people even thing to question the heritage they're handed when they've grown up participating since they were old enough to walk. ((I don't watch much TV, but for some reason while I was typing Gilmore Girls popped into my head, and all their crazy village traditions.)
    • For worldbuilding, I enjoy a small town because of the gossip mill. When everybody knows everybody else it's really hard to stay out of other people's business.
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