What do you do to relax after a move?

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  1. So, some of you know I moved today. I decided to stop a short time ago, and am about to go take a nice hot bath. #-o-#

    I just was wondering how everyone else relaxes.
  2. A cup of coffee, a dimly lit room with some lit scented candles, and some classical music. These are the keys to my relaxation. Then I suppose a nice, long hot shower does the trick too.
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  3. Ahhhh. Candles. I have a few some where. Scented oils are amazing too. n.n
  4. My wife and I had sex in the new apartment.
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  5. I was so busy squealing in excitement about our 1st house, I don't think I relaxed at all. O_O I just ran around screaming happily.
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  6. I think I would have done that, but I was worn out. I was told by my friend that I looked like a strong breeze could blow me over by the end of it. Was running on two whopper jr.s, and like four mountain dews.

    Edit: The breakfast of the poor. v.v
  7. I unpack. I can't relax when my house is full of boxes, relaxing happens a week later when the house is properly set up

    True relaxation is two months after that, when my bf has learned where most of our stuff goes.
  8. As usual, the dude has to abide by his lady's item placement.


    I want to put the bowls where I wanna put the bowls, dammit.
  9. Finish unpacking?

    Or find stuff I forgot I had and kiss the working motivation goodbye.
  10. When I was growing up we would move at times twice a year. I think by high school it was upwards of thirty two times. So I never fully unpack. Most of my stuff was in boxes still this time. However that is no excuse for my boy friend to put the dishes where I have no clue what is what ('.')
  11. I think of of the best ways to relax after a move is to order pizza. Before I got a couch this used to be done on the floor but sitting on the couch stuffing my face like a fat kid always does well to break in the new place. :D
  12. It's less a case of "Me woman me decide rules" and more a case of my boyfriend doesn't really have any kind of system of "this belongs here". He puts things wherever he happens to be when he's done using them, which is fine and pretty close to how I used to operate - if you live by yourself. But if you're with someone sharing your things and your space, it's only going to lead to a catastrophe of no one knowing where any of their stuff is. He can't be bothered with organizing a house of stuff, and I do most of the household cleaning and tidying anyway, so I do it.
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  13. I agree with you 100% !<3

    Normally he would just leave them there and say 'I will do it later' meaning after a week or something xD and I am kinda of a clean freak.. So I always wash stuff and add them to their place lol[ ex Bf]

    Enough off topics xD.

    I sometimes just go in the garden and relax looking at the sky if it's not raining of course xD. Ha ha
    Or look at funny pictures ;)
  14. i would like to bump the idea of sex in every room asan underused post-move activity
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