What do you do during an Off-Season?

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Your show is taking a break? What do?

  1. I find another show

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  2. I sob to myself at night

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  3. I rewatch the season and binge on other episodes

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  4. What are shows?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Lets face it, many of us binge watch on Netflix or dedicate a lot of time and energy in amazing shows that toss out new episodes /seasonally/. The question is, how do each of you deal with the dreaded Off-Season? When shows do not have new episodes or aren't even around-- even in hiatuses?

    What do you do to cope?
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  2. Currently I'm curling up in a corner in tears because there's nothing left for me to watch until October. :(
  3. ...Do the same things that I usually do with my free time, except... slightly more often?

    Which often means video games, poking around GC, YouTube, Tumblr...

    What is this state of 'needing to find a new show', you speak of? I have a 'to-watch' list that's nine miles high. I may be disappointed when a show that I'm really into at a given time goes on hiatus, but I still have plenty of shows to watch... Which I will inevitably get through at a snails pace, as many other things fill my time in between the small handfuls of episodes that I have the stamina for in one sitting.
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  4. I usually just find another show to watch. That's a process in itself since I don't click with many shows.
  5. Read some books. Plus I'm usually too exhausted from work to do anything but sleep.
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  6. I always have a big list of things to watch. May it be my "List" on Netflix, my "To Watch" list on myAnimelist, or list of to see Movies on my PC's sticky notes.
    More than enough I could vanish from Iwaku, Gaming etc and spend more than a month on hiatus watching it all.

    Which often means a lot of things get stuck on a "I'm gonna watch it later" list for YEARS.
    But it also means whenever I'm sitting around going "I got nothing to do" it's a quick and easy way for me to pick up something and watch it, which at the present moment turned out to be the TV Show Hannibal.
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  7. That's what I'm planning on doing now that GoT is finished for the year.
  8. shitpost
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  9. I usually train with the workout I created. Unless I’m in a sport, then I will usually have a workout given by the coaching staff. It is always hot as balls here, so training outside is real tough.

    Oh................... y’all are talking about some other off season.
  10. , finally marathon said show.
  11. Hibernation, duh.
  12. I get on with my life as usual and find something else to watch or do as a replacement for the show, because I am a reasonably sane adult whose life does not revolve around any show. :|
  13. Look. I hear what you are saying. But what are you REALLY SAYING.

    Shitposting, that's what.
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  14. I train a different muscle group and eat a ton more good food....

    ...oh you mean watching TV shows when you said off season
  15. Rewatching old episodes and catch up on my other hobbies!
  16. I'm gonna be the nerd here and admit I have about ~20 shows that I currently watch. Either anime (both weekly and finished seasons), Netflix, week-by-week shows... I'm never out of something to watch.
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