What do you call these?

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What do you call it?

  1. Ponytail holder

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  2. Hair tie

    10 vote(s)
  3. Hair elastic

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  4. Hair band

    9 vote(s)
  5. Hair binder

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  6. Ponytailer

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  7. Something else

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  1. [​IMG]
    So, what do you refer to these as?
  2. If we're talking for my personal use, I'd call them "ammo". >.>
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  3. I've always called them hair ties, but I understand most people when they ask for elastics or hair bands.

    My mother's friend calls them Pretties. Threw me for a loop the first time
  4. My daughter called them pretties when she was little, and it stuck. I called them ponytail holders when I was younger, along with those evil ones with the balls at the end the nearly gave me a concussion whenever my mother fixed my hair.
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  5. I call them "Territory Markers"

    My girlfriend use to leave them everywhere....
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  6. The ones with metal on them are instruments of torture, not innocent hair accessories. >_<
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  7. We call them hair ties, hair bands, or 'scrunchies'. Though the real 'scrunchy' ones are the ones with more fabric around them.
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  9. I always called them hair ties as that seems to be their main function, tieing down hair. Though I think those with the metal bits deserve another name.
  10. It's either Ponytail Holder, or Hair Tie. It depends, really. :/
  11. I call them ponytail holders of doom and pain as those particular kinds snap on me all the time (I have very thick hair) so I prefer scrunchies.
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  12. Rubber bands
  13. But but but... I call it like three different things!
    Gah, I'll go with Hair band.
    ... Yup. Let's go with that.
  14. Hair bands or rubber bands.
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