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  1. Well, you know the plot and I know the plot and I'm lazy.


    Name: Johnny Thea Ashworth
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female

    Johnny is a quiet person. Perhaps a bit timid at times but social enough when need be. She'd like to think of herself as a tempting woman but in reality she's just a clumsy ex-stripper. She doesn't like hurting people but knows that in her new line of work that she will have to eventually. She's surprisingly a very prepared person despite her lack of experience in crime. Her main skill would be how silent she can be. She has an excellent knack for sneaking around. In addition to this, she is a very loyal person. She values the people she considers her family and will not sell them out even if it's in her best interests.

    Johnny was born just outside of Sandy Shores but her family moved to Los Santos when she was ten. She attended public school and graduated when she was seventeen. Unfortunately, her plans to leave the city went down the drain when she found herself homeless and jobless. She took a job at the Vanilla Unicorn when she turned eighteen and worked there for seven years before she quit and went to work as a landscaper for some of the more ritzy people of Los Santos. She met Franklin when she was 26 and since then they've become decent friends. They grew distant after a little bit but recently have been talking after he offered to teach her how to perform heists and various talents that come with the job.

    Johnny is fairly tall, about 5'8. She has darkly tanned skin and dark brown hair, almost black. She has brown almond shaped eyes with an oval shaped face. She has some fat on her but she's definitely not obese. She's fairly strong and works hard to stay that way.
  2. Michael let out a slow sigh as he stared at the busy freeway, waiting for the perfect chance to merge with the oncoming traffic. He'd received a text message a few hours prior to this, telling him that he needed to come. He was already beginning to suspect that Trevor was up to something again. There was no other reason why he had to come visit. Everything was settled down and there was no recent issues that needed to be addressed. The only thing he could think of was that his old friend had gotten himself into trouble, again. Michael had called Franklin just a few minutes ago and the man said he was already on his way, which only led Michael to become more suspicious of this. He wasn't looking for any more trouble. He was well off with the money from the last job and finally his kids were doing something other than ruining their lives. Everything seemed perfect. Bringing himself out of his traffic trance, he quickly pulled onto the road and towards Trevor's humble abode. It wouldn't be that much longer until he arrived, maybe ten or fifteen minutes.
  3. Sandy Shores, home sweet home for a certain ex Air Force pilot turned meth dealer. Trevor glanced over the white board he had...borrowed from the local school, hey' it's not like those little shits needed it, they should be taught something useful, like how to crack someone's skull open and drink their brains. Trevor sighed as he sat down on the couch, glancing at the rough diagram of San Andreas, well the southern part of San Andreas anyway. Though he had been well off for a while, it seemed like the Canadian psychopath just couldn't stay content with how things were. He knew he had to expand, especially with rivals closing in on his territory.

    He had actually lost one of his best a week earlier, Wade, one of Trevor's true friends had been killed in a shoot out with the Lopez Family, a drug cartel who had recently moved over the border to seek more poor saps to exploit for a quick buck. Trevor knew they would have to be dealt with as soon as possible. In the mean time, there was no reason not to expand to the north. With his old friend Micheal Townley (or De Santa as he went by nowadays) and a young go getter named Franklin Clinton on his side, he was sure they would succed, still, the thought of recruiting new crew member still hung with Trevor, even as he waited for his friends to get to his home
  4. Franklin turned onto the road that led up to Trevor's house and parked on the side of the road next to the fence. He'd left awhile earlier than Michael so naturally he arrived earlier. He had thought he'd seen the other man's car on the freeway but didn't pay too much attention to it. He glanced over at the run down trailer as he got out of his white car and headed to the porch. He looked back when he heard someone else stop by the trailer and saw Michael getting out. Well at least they'd both arrived about the same time. He suspected that Michael had been driving pretty fast to get there that fast though. "Hey, Mike," He greeted lightly before jogging up the stairs. He knocked on the door and moved over slightly when Michael came up the stairs to join him. "Hey, T, it's us," Franklin called out as he went to open the door.
  5. There was a few moments of silence before Trevor moved over and opened the door for his friends. "Ah amigos, come on in,come on in, make yourself at home." He said, motioning around his trailer.

    "You guys weren't followed were you?" Trevor asked
  6. "No, Trevor." Michael shook his head as he walked in behind Franklin. "I took precautions." He looked around the dirty trailer, distaste on his face. He went over to lean against the counter, watching Franklin as he crossed his arms. He turned his attention to Trevor and sighed. "Alright. What's the deal?"
  7. Trevor sat down the on the couch and pointed to the whitebard. "Trevor Phillips enterprises is expanding to the north, and I need your help." He said
  8. "Why?" Michael asked slowly, almost warily. He was under the impression that Trevor already had plenty of territory for his operation but he supposed that he wasn't that surprised. "You don't have the man power to expand anyway and I'm not volunteering to help you with this unless it directly affects me." He looked at the whiteboard and sighed as he shook his head. "This is foolish. We just got out of hot water and you want to throw us back in?"
  9. "Don't look at it that way Mikey." Trevor said, cracking open a beer and offering to Franklin. "We all need to keep on our toes, just in case the fucking FIB come back into the mix." He paused. "Besides, this move could benefit all of us, and I have a few prospects that you could take a look at yourself, see if they could be part this....operation." He said
  10. Michael sighed as he watched his old friend, debating it carefully. "How much more are you planning on expanding? Another town? Another state?" He looked over at Franklin who had accepted the beer, most likely because he knew what happened when Trevor was made upset.
  11. ((Hey I'm gonna have to drop this rp, things are gonna get pretty busy for me here, nd it wouldn't be fair to you to keep you hanging like this. Sorry ))
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