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What character are you really enjoying playing rig

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. Do you have a character that you're really feeling right now? Or maybe one that you really want to be playing but aren't?

    Tell me about it/them! 8D
  2. Hm... Right now, I've got a lady called Jade in like... five RPs. She's awesome.

    She's super duper short, narrow-boned, and has hella jugs (her mom is to blame for the chest, and her dad for her body's placement of fat). She's not super duper thin, but her breasts don't look proportional to the rest of her. She's used to funny looks and back pain, though.

    Anyway, on to the more interesting parts of her! She has depression and PTSD from her part in a multiverse-scale war over whether she should exist or not. She's Autistic. She's stoic by choice. Hmm... Jade's got the empathy of a rock, but even though she can't feel with others or comprehend their emotions, she does WANT them to be happy and safe in her care.

    Jade values life and happiness, but she also has to run an army who regularly kills people to try and preserve the balance of the multiverse and protect its people from harm. She can't help everyone, and she knows this, but she still tries very hard, because like the child in the story of the starfish, it matters to the ones she does manage to help.

    She's also the embodiment of the multiverse. The only power she gains from that is the ability to make portals and send people to various places. She has a big responsibility to maintain order, slow the process of entropy, and stay alive in order to allow for the continued existence of the multiverse itself.

    There's more to her, of course. If I described everything about her, I'd probably run out of time to work on my novel today before raid. :x
  3. Hmm I've been wanting to play a songstress / musician / idol kind of character for a while now or the character I'm trying to create for the anime I've been trying to write. Her name is Aria, she's hotheaded, a bit of a loner and is sort of in a conflict right now about what her dream career is.

    I also been wanting to play a few characters from the dragon age, mass effect, and fallout 4 fandom and a pregnant character, actually there are way too many that I want to do.
  4. I always enjoy playing my baby, Jack 'The Jackal' Singer'. He is my avatar.

    Most of the time I don't play him as my main character because he suffers from psychopathy and is lacking in many emotions. He knows nothing of the feelings of joy, guilt, remorse, shame, fear, and embarrassment. Some emotions he can feel are anger, boredom, pride, distrust, confidence and certainty. Even though he can't feel some emotions, he is probably better at displaying them than most people.

    Jack deviates from the psychopathy norm in that he doesn't care to lie. He likes to say that the pain from a lie is only temporary, while the truth lasts forever. If you are going to hurt someone, then do the job right. That is not to say that he actively seeks to harm others, because he doesn't. He has done some horrible things in his time, but the one thing he has never done is kill. There are more important things for him to do, such as performing magic and creating spectacular shows in Vegas.

    I like to call him 'the golden eyed devil'. The gold eyes were obtained after being experimented on. He was mixed with the DNA of a jackal, which is surprisingly not how he got the nickname Jackal. That name was given to him by his friends after he got drunk. That drunken state put him in a blood lust and the words he spoke during that time earned him the nickname, taken from an urban dictionary definition. Jackal: A devious or mischievous person; someone who wishes ill-fate upon another.

    That is probably enough, so I will stop there. I am too tired to even know if what I typed makes any sense.
  5. I would ramble about my Fandomstuck characters, but I think that would require a bit too much explanation. Hahahaha.

    On another note, I've also been spending a ton of time thinking about all sorts of deities, mythological figures, and other possible NPC's for this new fantasy RP I've been thinking about... There's no way I'll have time to get anything down on paper (so to speak) until summer at the very soonest, so I haven't done any concrete planning so far, but I'm getting pretty hyped up just for the vague ideas bouncing around in my mind...
  6. My current- and persisting- favorite character of mine is a purple-skinned sinning angel by the name of Zuriel Xenos. He's about as gay as a double rainbow (with the few instances where he insisted he wasn't gay) and has an elder sister. He's also emotionally bonded to a vampire, whose emotions he can feel and vice versa. In the process, I've made quite a few alternate versions of him, and find myself never quite loving them as much as I adore the original nerd.
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  7. Well the one who I keep going back too is pretty obvious.... *points at username that has had for a long time now*

    But the character I've been wanting to play or well do something with her name is Lara Evans or Black Cat Assassin. I tried playing her for a one on one but that has grown quiet. Many have told me around where I live that I should just write my own story for her but you see I can never on my own pass the middle. And my RP making I haven't had much time for on my own.

    Anyways back to Lara. Her history is rather a long tale to tell. It was a troublesome past. She started as a happy kid with a wonderful caring family and then slowly her life changed everything simply fell apart. She lost her eye in school when she first actually was able to go. A kinder-garden running with scissors accident took an eye and she wasn't who had been running with them. It wasn't long before her father had no work and then her mom grew sick. Eventually her mother couldn't work and they were in such bad shape Lara began to steal from school so they might could all survive except for when she took books of course. Her mother stayed sick all the time her dad never keep a job and she keep stealing. Lara never learned what had made her mother sick and eventually her mother did die because of the illness. When she was almost nine her father was killed by a car accident because he had been driving drunk which Lara didn't know nor would she had understood then. She was sent away to her unknown godparents. Her habits didn't seem to remain but they had or well came back then she started getting jobs.

    The rest of her tale I have not found were she may fit. I know some possible assassin RP or something... Or that I may have to come up with something of my own for others to join but so far no ideas have come... And so there you have it the character I wish I was playing but am not. There are others who are my fandom characters I wish to be playing but I can't play all of them at once. But the character I have played who gave me part of the idea to create Lara is Ravanger or you may know her as Rose Wilson or even Slade Wilson or Deathstroke's daughter.
  8. I'll be honest.

    Thanks to my sprawling in other forums, I have about 100 characters (and many, many more!) But I have quite a bit, and some that grew on me as a writer.

    I don't think I have a favorite, but... You know, I'm still looking.
  9. I've actually got one character that I don't play very often...I have several I say are my favorites; but because I know them so well. I have a special fondness for them that I've developed over several years of playing with them. They speak to me, and we have the best adventures.

    But I've got one character that above all the others I have a special space for in my head, and she's truly unique among all the rest.

    Her name is Rosellynn, and she's a fairy princess- I know, it sounds cliche. Shh...give it a second.

    She's a very...quiet child. I play her anywhere from an appearance of sixteen to twenty, but her demeanor remains the same, as well as much of her appearance.

    She's a pale white skinned girl with long grey hair, and eyes like quicksilver. They shine oddly in the light, rimmed in thick and heavy eyelashes. Her skin is untouched, flawless and smooth save for the fine hairs along it, and she has a quiet way of moving...breathing...that when she stops it's easy to forget she's there. As though she doesn't disturb the air around her like most other living breathing things. She's an essence of barren emptiness..of quietly resting snow.

    She's lithe and short, no more than say perhaps four foot at her earlier play years, and finishing at five and a half feet in those later.

    But what's special about her isn't how terribly empty or plain she is...she's quiet. So quiet...and she doesn't speak. Most think of her as mute; or believe her to be. There has been no evidence to the opposite, so she very well may be- nobody has brought her enough reason to prove otherwise. She is not concerned with people...the bustling and hurrying of them. She could sit for hours examining a crack...contemplating the world within it. Following it along it's grooves to see where it has gone..where it will be...and where it is now. Spiraling into thoughts about how it is everywhere- this crack a crack in her mind and wondering if she is seeing it or if she's meerly looking far too hard into herself..or perhaps the crack itself is looking into her. She wonders, is it following her, or is she following it? And if so, which of them is real? Which was there first, and who will be the last to leave? If the crack were patched..would it cease to be, or would it just be decorated then? Would it die if it ceased to exist..? And if she were the crack as she began thinking she may be...would she too cease to exist?

    And would that be alright..? Was there something in nothing? Air was in most ways nothing, but it was everywhere...and holds power over so many things..what if she became the air? Would she breathe life in and out of all living things? Was that what she would become when she died...? Would she simply become everything? And then...was she already someone else?

    These are the ways her brain works, and that's why I love her. She can spend hours staring at a crack, motionless. Speechless. Her parents come to pick her up and take her to eat..none the wiser. Thinking their child touched in the head, as she'd been supplanted in a human home without their knowing...and she is the most colorful and limitless mind I have in my collection- this seemingly empty ball of cute and useless flesh.
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  10. Right now?

    My one on one character Roddy really grew on me as soon as I started writing for him. I was frustrated not being able to find a character image because I already had such a strong idea of what he looks like. Maybe I'll doodle him sometime. I just enjoy getting in the mindset to write for Roddy, an optimistic and eager kid who has big dreams and is completely sold on how he's going to hit it big.
  11. I'm really enjoying playing one of my babies, one of the main protagonists in my 1x1 series. His name is Phynex, a fire demon who is pretty naive about the 'human world'. He has a bit of a rough past and likes to be around people, but he can be pretty off-putting with his more common demon behavior around people. Thankfully his partner is someone who can tolerate that and can even love him for it. Basically imagine a very loving energetic dog... but in the shape of a man. The prequel shows him learning about this new world and the original roleplay shows him as more serious and cautious character, more businesslike and mature. He's fiesty, a little playful, but can get really angry because he has a short-temper. Phynex has really helped me understand how to portray emotions better, and is probably the reason why I like to play guys now, haha~

    I also really want to play Kana from Fire Emblem in a future roleplay, because she seems to happy and fun it's adorable and I want to squeeze her. >u<
  12. I have one that is in a side thread, but will soon make a debut in a main thread. I'm so excited to let the little devil loose. I'm not going to get into too much detail, because he's supposed to be a surprise, and I don't want my partners to find out everything via my Postings tab. Suffice to say, he is 13 and a handful. I've also drawn quite a few pics of him. I still need to put faces on most of them though. x'D
  13. Doctor Kellyn "Peacekeeper" Alton.

    He's in a Shadowrun campaign I'm in on-site, and he's a CDC Agent who worked for a Special Squad that dealt with things like toxic shamans and bug spirits and Insect Shamans and stuff like that. He's an Adepted Magician, which means he was the team leader.

    He functions as the team's Overwatch and Sniper, which means he provides cover fire for the team as well as precise strikes. He was born in the UCAS Sector of Denver, and lived there most of his life. He recently began running in the shadows due to a job he was hired for as the Sniper.

    He has in depth medical knowledge and knowledge of guns. He also carries a UCAS National SIN, and has a Code of Honor, based around the Elven Chivalry or "Paladin's Code", but edited so to suit his human-ness better.

    He's my second favorite character to play in Shadowrun after Michael "Archangel" Hope, who was a college student. I really like him.
  14. This is Po.

    I love her cuz she has soooooooo many different aspects drawn from soooooo many inspirations and fears, experiences and wishlist~y things Boo likes and drawn from things i know about friends, family and people and things i imagines . Tragic backstory too! Yayuh!^^! Also she has her childhood doggy with her. He shares her torment and suffering in this demented freak show carnivale. The setting itself is something that tickles my boomboom brain too :33~~

    Kay sooooo... like she's a sweetheart trying to do her best to keep positive despite the situation they are in. Yeah~yeah I guess she's like a Mary Sue, I thinks? But whatever, sooooooo loving RPing her right now.

    Like I only posted twice for her and I gets this feeling the RP is already chugging along on the doomsville line but know what? I'm okay with that cuz this charrie has scratched an RP itch Boo never knew she had!!^-^!! Fo'sho!!

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