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What calender should I get this year? What do YOU get?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. I used to get a Kittens calendar every year. But when me and Gibs moved in to our own place, he told me I wasn't allowed to get kitten calendars anymore. I guess cause they aren't MANLY enough! D:<

    Every year now I pick out a really cool, unique calendar! Something that has great pictures that makes me happy to see every month.

    I have had:

    Endangered Species Calendar
    Space Calendar
    2012 Apocalypse Calendar
    Pride and Prejudice Zombies
    Inspirational Art Calendar
    Astrology Art Calendar

    I dunno what to get for 2015! O_O I was thinking about an owl calendar, but that seems a little too obvious/crazy. But if I can't find something else that is cool and interesting, that is prolly what I'll get.

  2. Wait, where's the calender with the hot firemen?
  3. What about the calendar that's on my phone? Because, ya know, why waste money on something I already have?

    Unless... Is there a Vocaloid calendar?
  4. There you go! That's what you need. Nothing like waking up to....yeah, yeah, I know. My hubby really needs to come home. @_@
  5. Diana, you have to get this.
  6. This past year, I got a Legend of Zelda calender, but usually I gravitate to landscape calenders. Others I enjoyed were one with Alaskan Malamutes, one for The Far Side comic, and one that was a page a day calender that was called Your Day Could Be Worse, which detailed something hilarious and awful that happened to people on that date.
  7. I get my calendar from "Illustrerad Vetenskap" (Illustrated Science), a Swedish, fully illustrated scientific journal. It comes with pictures of great scientific discoveries over the past year, and I just love all the colours and interesting tidbits everywhere in it. Don't know if you're into that sort of stuff, though XD
  8. Here's mine! :D
  9. Get a landscape calander. Like Ireland or beaches or CASTLES!
  10. We don't use calendars in my house >_>

    If we need to check a date for something it's
    Launch Web Browser > calendar.google.com
    Take out smartphone > Calendar app

    That said, hot firemen seems like an excellent choice.
  11. Get this one because it's ridiculously stupid.

    As for myself, I stopped getting calendars after getting a couple desk calendars and totally forgetting about their existence. I just use my phone and computer calendars to keep track of the date now.
  12. Me and my spouse's lives revolve around the local school year so we've got school calendars with all observed holidays marked.

    Simplicity is best.
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  13. You ah... You meant to put an apostrophe there, right?:rotfl:

    I just use Windows Live Calender. I'm lazy. Go me.
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  15. What if I'm Mormon?
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  16. Oh snap, Brovo, you don't even, ferrets are my favorite animals in the world. I'll include one and it will even have a name tag that says "Brovo".
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  17. Then we'll have a few philosophical differences, which we'll debate before inevitable resorting to "all atheists are elitist snobs" and "all Mormons wear magical underpants". Then we'll both claim the other one started it to the moderators, who will just roll their eyes and slap us both. Then we'll pretend it was all in fun when we secretly Internet Hateā„¢ each other.

    Or, I can just say that I already have three friends who are in a mutually consenting relationship, and have even had a kid together, and seem to be doing just fine, so I would simply have learned something new about you out of a joke.

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