What began as a normal evening..

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  1. The sun was setting on a generally uneventful winter day. There was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground from earlier that day that seemed to sparkle as the sun slowly moved on the horizon. This reminded her of the nights she would lie awake in her attic bedroom when she was little and stare at the snow, entranced by the sparkling beauty that resembled the night sky. Nattaly Movan was just settling down for the night but had to do her routine of climbing the giant oak in the center of the forest she had called her home for several years now, searching for any uninvited guests. She perched herself gently on a branch and looked over the trees being yet again mystified by the snow's beauty along the tree tops, her glowing crimson eyes seeming to pierce the darkness that was flooding over the area. With a heavy sigh she sat on the exposed limb that caused her trench coat to hang below it a bit. A cold breeze went through the air and her hair flowed with it. She laid back against the trunk and relaxed a bit. She was clothed in a black trench coat that, to her small figure, covered her well, she wore torn blue jeans, a white tank top and black combat boots. Quietly she began to hum to herself in a state of relaxation and peace. Her peace was interrupted by the pained cries of an elk not too far from her. She at first stood trying to find the animal but couldn't. It wasn't until they abruptly stopped that she began to worry, the hairs on her neck began to stand on end, her body shiver, and she jumped down from her tall perch, landing softly on the new fallen snow creating nothing more than a light thud and some footprints. With that, she began moving in the shadows and within the trees, searching for the obviously skilled hunter and the hunted.
  2. Marshall Lee just got done feeding on an Elk when he sensed something else in the wilderness. He looked up and started sniffing. He snarled and roared, before hiding behind a tree. 'The footsteps are way to light to be a big animal. It sounds more like a human.' He licked his lips at the thought. He decided to wait patiently licking his fangs and lips over and over again. This would be quite a feast.
  3. She heard some odd noises, something that couldn't be human. She then took to the branches of the trees, following the sent of the animal that had just been killed, but then she picked up on a different smell, not blood but...she didn't quite know what. Her curiosity had been peaked at this point and there was no turning around, there was something that had trespassed and was taking her food, she wasn't going to stand for this. She stopped when she could see the red of where the blood of the elk had stained the fresh snow, she also saw footprints leading to and away from the location. She gently dropped down from the branch knocking some snow down with it, the bright red of her eyes were scanning the area, but keeping very close attention to the footprints and where they led to.
  4. Marshall floated up into the tree he was hiding behind when he heard the footsteps getting closer. He smile and hissed baring his fangs. Once she got close enough he hopped down and grabbed her, but the minute he did he stopped. "W-woah," he said outloud. She was beautiful. He couldn't kill something so beautiful. He kept holding her, but he stared into her eyes for what felt like minutes on end. "Wh-who are you?"
  5. As she crept closer she could feel her movements being watched and analyzed. She didnt particularly care to be watched so she kept looking and waiting for something to make a move. All in a second, she heard a hiss, backed off a bit, got grabbed and backed against a tree. Her mind was by set even close to listening to what he was saying, she felt threatened and acted upon this feeling, and did so by bringing her foot up to his stomach and pushing as hard as she could trying to pry him off of her. She growled lowly and glared her crimson eyes at him.
  6. Marshall felt a sudden pain in his stomach. He still kept a hold on her he looked at her with peaceful eyes. "I'm not giong to hurt you," he said softly. "Don't worry. I'm sorry for scaring you like that. My mistake."
  7. Prue's eyes snapped open the instant that the cold snow hit her cheek. She let out a large yawn and stood up groggily, not even fully awake yet. She gazed at her surroundings and her the haze around her memory lifting. She was preparing for the resurrection of her Lord. The incantation must have drained het energy and she must have collapsed. She took one look at her attire and tutted at herself, "This will never do!" She of course was wearing traditional Coven clothes. A violet silk dress and a long black hooded cloak. She gave a smile, brought her fingers in the air and clicked them Time seemed to stop, but then Prue opened her eyes, looked down and liked what she saw. A midnight blue jumper, black leggings, violet ankle boots and a very figure hugging black wax co at. She giggled a little, "I could fit in quite well with these mortals!" Prue walked on and as she did, she took out a compacted mirror and checked her face. Het emerald green eyes were defined with smoky eyeshadow and her lips were ruby red. Her skin was pale and her raven black hair swam down her shoulders. She put the mirror away and a smile played on her lips. Today was going to be per... Prue stopped... She felt something in the wind. She closed her eyes and listened..Witches had very sharp senses. Anything felt strange, they would know.
  8. She sniffed in the forest, her nose tipped to the ground as she tried to pick up the scent of an elk. She lifted her head and twitched her ears as she padded through the snow. Through the coverage of some trees she saw it, it snorted a puff of cold air as its tall form moved about. She crouched, her magenta eyes keeping contact with its form as she was about to pounce. But something beat her to it, and the elk let out a sharp cry and collapsed, its blood soaked into the ground.

    The hunter than ran, Lya bared her sharp canines in disgust, and her black pelt ruffled in annoyance. She took off trying to find this creature but it was then the creature took off into the trees. Another creature, a girl, seemed to be searching for it. The creature leaped down and pressed her form against the tree.

    She decided it was time to see what was going on, she hadn't seen these people in these parts, but then again, she had only been here for about a month. Some clothes were wrapped tightly around her front leg, normally this would restrict a normal wolf but she was an exceptional hunter. She shifted, her pale form shivering in the cold as she unwrapped the clothing from her arm and donned a purple cloak, a dark black shirt, and black leggings. Her silver necklace hung from her neck, the charm a crescent moon.

    She stepped into their view and crossed her arms "What exactly is going on here?" She had missed a meal and it was thanks to this guy. Her black hair with its magenta streak flowed to her shoulders as she shook her head in disgust.