What are your proudest achievements?

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  1. What have you done that you look back on now and think "Wow, I did a good job!"?

    What is a challenge that you went through that has made you grow into a better person because you survived it?

    What is something small that you do or have done that you think isn't a big deal, but it made or makes you happy?

    What have you done that you're proud of?

    For the longest time growing up, I wouldn't really talk to people outside of my family. I would always think before speaking, and get caught up in thinking about all the ways things could go wrong if I said the wrong thing. A part of me thought it was better to just suffer in silence. It really made me feel isolated, and sometimes I'd go several days without really talking to anybody.

    Now, I'm pretty introverted and there isn't anything wrong with being quiet, listening, or being reserved. The issue was that when I wanted to interact with people I couldn't bring myself to do it. When I did, I'd get stuck thinking about how the conversations went all day.

    It took a long time and a lot of slow progress to get to a point where I was a lot more comfortable in social situations. Looking back I'm amazed at how much I've changed for the better. A few months ago, I was asked to record a video of myself giving a talk, which was to be played at a conference. I got very anxious, but recorded the video and sent it off. Always my worst critic, I thought it was very mediocre work, but at least I had done it.

    After the conference I found out that my talk was shown right at the very end, and it was met with applause from the entire room. It was a hit and the person who asked me to film it relayed everyone's compliments. Talk about a great feeling!

    another thing i'm really proud of is finding a diner in my city that has great food and is also super cheap. when i brought my friends we got the best french onion soup we'd ever had. knowing that they liked it makes me so happy :) :)
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  2. Graduated medical school

    Graduated residency as a chief resident, with a notable job and good contract, and various other accolades right out the gate

    Got a chance to do some of the Awesome Things I Want To Do Before I Die (which includes):

    -Old School Martial Arts Training (i.e., I have a solitary sensei who only takes 2-3 students at a time, uses body hardening and frequent sparring sessions, teaches practical techniques, teaches weapons, involves conditioning in addition to techniques)
    -Learn Kendo
    -Learn Muay Thai
    -Learn Boxing
    -Learn Submission Grappling
    -Learn Krav Maga
    -Travel internationally

    Things still to do on the Awesome List:

    -Learn Eskrima
    -Conquer the World
    -Become Batman
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  3. some reverse injustice: gods among us up in here!
    looks like you're on your way towards the master of all martial arts prerequisite of being batman
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  4. I won moon rock at the science fair that I won at. It reminds me that my grades don't matter because I'm a bomb practical scientist who owns moon rock :^)
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  5. That's pretty cool! Out of this world, even. Do you know which mission it came from, or was it a meteorite?
    There was a family from Egypt who said she took some rocks from the Great Pyramid and brought them with to the US when she emigrated, and she gave me some. Although I have some doubts as to their authenticity :p
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  6. I conquered depression. I also struggle in math, particularly Algebra, so yesterday, when I was taking a readiness assessment, I flew through it with confidence. Even though I missed most of the questions, I shrugged it off. I'm very happy to say those are two of my proudest achievements. Also, I guess graduating high school too and going into college lol, but I knew I was going to graduate anyways and go to college! xD
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  7. It was a meteorite that landed in South Africa in the 90's, that's all I remember XD

    Tat's so cool!*^* I trust mine because it was from a space centre. I keep it on my rock shelf 8)
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  8. [​IMG]
    Extreme Power Gamer
    60th level character

    This was an Achievement I was rather hyped to get in Mass Effect.


    Oh, you mean Real Life?


    Same thing?
    Cause you know, who cares about College or Therapy? Pfft!
  9. I honestly can't think of anything to be proud of.

    Except one time in grade two, when I was about seven years old. There was a test, and whoever got all the answers right would get a wrist watch as a prize. I surprisingly got the watch.

    Hm. I best go try to make some other proud moments. ^_^'
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  10. What have you done that you look back on now and think "Wow, I did a good job!"?
    When I was a kid and we went on family vacations, I'd record them on video and make a little music video after. But, as is typical of teenagers, I hated the result. Everyone in my family loved it though and a few years later I stumbled on some of them and they were actually pretty good. For the last 3 years I've been trying to hunt down the last one I did before I quit doing it. It was really good and I handed out DVDs, but apparently everyone lost their copy including myself. I managed to find some WIPs and... Yeah I just want to find the whole thing now. If I never do I might end up running through all my tapes (hi8 camera footage lol) and trying to make a new one.

    What is a challenge that you went through that has made you grow into a better person because you survived it?
    College (the first time) and US Navy. You'd think one of these would rank higher than the other but I think they're really on the same playing field right now. Before college, I was just like you, a shut-in who never talked to anybody. During college I was taken advantage of and tl;dr treated like shit and some events came to pass that I finally hit my breaking point and decided I wasn't going to let people walk all over me anymore.
    Then, in the Navy, just dealing with BS conditions, and 12 hour/7 day a week work weeks, etc. That all was a life lesson on how to work hard, manage stress, etc. Then when I got out (due to disability) and went into a lot of therapy over it. Me now vs. Me even 5 years ago is really difficult to imagine how I got from point A to point B really. I'm almost entirely different.

    What is something small that you do or have done that you think isn't a big deal, but it made or makes you happy?
    Anime music videos. I was big in the scene from 2001 to 2005...ish? I won a few awards but my videos were only ever average. I still try to do one every year or so because even though I really can't compete at all with all the new talent coming out, I still really like doing it and I like what I make, regardless if anybody else shares those feelings.

    What have you done that you're proud of?
    Hands down, join flying squad.
    Most of this will probably get lost in translation but here we go.
    I joined the Navy as an airman foolishly believing my recruiter that changing my rate was gonna be easy. tl;dr multiple attempts and 3 years later still have not been able to change my rate and hate my job. Luckily my job doesn't really do much (ATI on an LHD) so I fill myself up with collaterals and throw myself into them. One of the things I ended up super liking was DC (Damage control) stuff.
    I got a little obsessed with it and got in my head that I would join Flying Squad, which is the first response team for any sort of shipboard casualty. As an air rate (don't really want to call myself an airdale...) it was extremely rare to do that, but not unheard of. Flying Squad is usually limited to engineers.

    But I asked my WCS and LCPO if I could go to all the trainings and go for it, and they said yes, so I did. I was working under some other engineers while I was doing this and everything was above board and everyone knew what I was doing. After a flood that I responded to and the XO saw, the legitimately put me on the muster sheet and I was officially part of Flying Squad, announced to the rest of the group and all.

    You'd think the story ends here, but no.

    That very same day, my AVCM decided he didn't want me on flying squad so when the big bad changes his mind, now everyone below the chain changes their mind too, and "Whoops you can't be on flying squad, we need you in the workcenter now" began. Even though it was a big fat lie. AVCM just didn't like the engineers (it was well known). But of course, they never come clean about this, the word given to me is "You need a special request chit to be part of flying squad."

    I'm like, alright, and write up that shit. It comes back a number of times because there needs to be proof a non-engineer can join flying squad. Luckily I have my shit together and am able to find proof, attach it to the sheet and keep running it up, only for it to be kicked back for random retarded reasons. Finally there's no doubting I'm 100% correct about everything and my master chief decides he's just going to sit on it. This being a problem in our command among many master chiefs, every special request chit has a 7 day max waiting time and if it goes over that you're supposed to complain to the CMC. To make a long story slightly less long, the CMC ended up having to hand-walk my chit from my master chief to the XO and CO. And every single person in my chain of command checked "No" and gave some bullshit reason why I couldn't be on flying squad.
    But the XO and CO said "yes" and gave a little note at how they'd already seen me personally respond to casualties.

    So, after a few weeks of these fuckgames, I was flying squad, the second time, officially. And it also made my direct chain of command look like idiots.

    This ended up making me the division shitbag because now everyone in my div hated me because I made them look bad. I ended up breaking and getting out shortly after that, before their treatment of me got to seriously retarded levels, but at the end of the day I kept copies of that chit and I'm gonna fucking frame it.
    Also, don't care; got red hat.
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  11. What have you done that you look back on now and think "Wow, I did a good job!"?

    -Commanding the Air Force facilities engineer team in Basrah, Iraq. We went out of our way to help those who needed help, from the United Nations all the way down to the citizens of Basrah, risking it all but coming away with awards, medals, and stories to tell for a lifetime.

    What is a challenge that you went through that has made you grow into a better person because you survived it?

    -Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. It was the toughest thing I'd had to deal with, and I still abhor some of the elements of engineering, but it laid the foundation for the rest of my life.

    What is something small that you do or have done that you think isn't a big deal, but it made or makes you happy?

    -Dating women despite a language barrier. Of course, smartphones are a crucial part of helping break the barrier, but it feels awesome knowing you're enjoying moments with someone despite not having a language in common.

    What have you done that you're proud of?

    -Many, but most of all, making it to the rank of Captain in the military, and being the representative of the US Army to the Ministry of Defense, Japan
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  12. Relearning all of Algebra, Geometry, and Trig in 4 months and scoring into Calculus on my first try. After 10 years of not even so much as factoring anything.
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  13. I once spent years of my life believing that I needed other people to be happy. I spent a lot of money trying to prove that to myself until the day I stopped giving a rat's ass and started living for myself.

    Where has that gotten me today? More wealth and a healthier state of mind. That's an achievement to me.
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  14. I have four, healthy and smart kids who might terrorize me, but act like decent, respectful human beings when they're outside of the house. This includes a fifteen year old that's never tried to go out and experiment with drugs or sex, and who's only method of rebelling is to tell me to wait when I tell her it's time for dinner.

    I've been married for 15 years, and while we haven't always been happily married, we pulled ourselves away from a divorce and managed to keep our shit together long enough to last this long.

    I successfully brought a dying kitten back to life by guessing my way through CPR. He was literally dead for almost a full minute, and now if you see him you'd never even know anything happened to him.

    Now if only I could quite smoking, I'd have another thing to add to my list. =/
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  15. Perhaps the achievement I'm proudest of is finally getting employed as a landscape architect in a place I enjoy working. To get here, it required much patience and willingness to work in job outside of my specialty, but eventually getting to a position where I am a project manager (not only in landscaping work).
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  16. I kinda feel this way when I go back and read my old roleplays. I play for fun and I tend to not really believe I am a decent writer (pretty much like every writer ever feels) but I'll go back and read old stuff I forgot about and be surprised at how I did it. If I ever had the discipline to write an ACTUAL novel, I could probably do it. 8D

    I'mma go with the most recent. c_c Two sides of the family ended up in jail, hubby lost his job, and we've been trying to support three family units. I've been in the middle of utter chaos since spring, and still standing. There's still a few more months to go, but this has been a test of all those skills I picked up in my lifetime-movie-channel life and with being a community leader. O_O We're gonna make it.

    I can budget like a mother fucker. >:3 I like knowing that I can squeeze food money out of rocks.

    -gestures to the community within Iwaku- c____c That's my precious. My peoples. It makes me happy collecting a ton of people together under a common interest, and watching all of those people create long lasting relationships with each other. It's REALLY COOL.
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  17. I got an award for participating in this giant fucking art piece that only a select few of students could paint on in this collaborative... mural.

    It's being displayed, but I don't know where. Too lazy to go see it xD
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  18. I took my first pokégym today.. :')
  19. When I was about 9, I sold rocks for 4 dollars and got away with it.
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  20. I think one of the most recent things I remember was in 10th grade we had to do this giant project about an event that changed history. Since it was a long project I wanted to do something I already knew a lot about, which was Sharks. So I used Jaws as my topic. Eventually it was time to turn in it, I did my whole project in under one night. ((Which was like totally weird because the neighbor across from me called me over to his house (he's my age) to babysit his sister around like 12am.)
    Finally I got to show my video and literally out of everyone's video mine was the most interesting and well put together. Everyone else was literally messing around during each video but when mine played BOOM it got everyone's attention but since my teacher is a special kind of cunt she only gave me a B
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