What are your favourite Japanese commercials?

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  1. You can't fucking beat this piece of gold. It gets me every time.

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  2. Chose just one out of all those gems? I don't think I can do it.
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  3. I swear there was one Hard Gay episode with him getting his own commercial for his...cap? But I can't find it. And even if it is not a real commercial it is a commercial so it would have counted >:[!

  4. Play the Sega Saturn, or some crazy psycho is going to find you and beat the shit out of you, and probably murder your friends.

  5. When i first saw this.... it was the best
  6. I don't know if this was actually run as a commercial or not, but it's amazing because of how horribly awkward and stiff the guy is.

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  7. holy fuck, i mean... it was losing me at first... but they were trying so hard XD the hand model even had a dominos theme nail art. and she dances on a pizza box???
    its 2015 already, wheres my hover board Marty promised me????
    Doc Brown and Dominos need to Collabo.
  8. That... Oh god. 1:28, you can see the guy's face. Look into his eyes: Something died inside. :rotfl:
  9. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I'd have to say these:
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  10. There's a whole slew of these commercials starring Tommy Lee Jones as an alien, and they are hilarious.
    Here's a link to more.
  11. Kay! I knew it!
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