What are you wearing~? ;-D

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  1. No but seriously.

    Do you sit around the house in a coat and tails? Do you wear a dress outside of formals? Do you wear costumes or funny hats for the heck of it?


    I usually hang out in jeans and a decent shirt. I wear a loose sweater even in the summer; I like to be toasty~!
  2. Around the house, I usually wear athletic clothes. Sweat pants, yoga pants, boy shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts. :3 When I go out, I dress pretty boring... Just jeans and a t-shirt, usually with a graphic on it. Plus anything that I need to keep warm, which mostly are pull-over hoodies or my Darth Vader zippy. I hate big puffy coats, so I prefer to wear snuggly long sleeve shirts with my Columbia vest.

    I want a new wardrobe. ;__;
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  4. I... I watched all of that

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  5. When I go out of my apartment: dress shirt, a vest, black dress pants, boots.

    Around the house:

    Depends. if I know nobody is coming over, boxers.


  6. Home: Athletic shorts and a t-shirt (and clean underwear), regardless of season. If I know I'll be home alone for a while, I might go around in my birthday suit. (LET FREE, BABY!)

    Sleep: Same as above. I hate feeling restrained by clothing while I sleep because I move A LOT. I curl up into a ball every three hours when it's cold and then stretch out when I get hot.

    Work: Currently, I have a uniform. Company issued red or purple polo, black casual dress pants (not the fancy expensive ones, since my pants get soiled throughout the day), and half-length apron.

    College: I have scrubs (in other words, glorified pajamas since, let me tell you, they do NOT warm you up. I learned this the first winter wearing nothing underneath. I have since learned to wear thermal undergarments,)

    Formal: I have the staples--dress shirts in a variety of colors and patterns, fancy black pants, a dress jacket, and swanky looking shoes.

    Casual: I dress according to season. More often than not, you'll see me in slim jeans (NOT skinny jeans because...my "baby boys." They don't like it.) I wear either a t-shirt with a vest on top or a long sleeved shirt in colder weather.

    Accessories: I usually have my aviator sunglasses that look super expensive but were just $2 at a one-dollar store. (Ironically indeed, it was not priced at one dollar.) I sometimes have a necklace, but because I study in the medical field, any dangling jewelry or metal items must be removed to prevent contamination, false results on some tests affected by some metals, and since some patients have metal allergies. So now, I'm accustomed to not wearing necklaces. I used to wear watches and/or bracelets a lot, but for the same reasons above I remove them. In hotter weather I might wear a cap or a flat cap. In colder weather, I might wear a beanie (but they tend to make my hair do weird things). I like scarves too. =3 But since I get hot easily, I usually forgo them unless I know the it will be freezing outside.

    Shower: I shower...naked. OH WHAT A NAUGHTY BOY I AM.

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  7. I wear pajamas! Or things that are pajama like! Cause why get all dressed up fancy if you're being comfy at home?
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  8. Right noooow?

    Leggings. As in, I only want to wear comfy cottony soft leggings in black. I usually wear tee shirts with them. This of course is for in the house wear. I rarely leave the house so comfy leggings are for me. At least in the winter!

    In the summer I wear comfy cotton shorts! Short shorts and slightly over the knee shorts depending on what I'm doing. The knee length shorts are for exercise like walking on the elliptical. The booty shorts are for housework and general randomness. I live in Phoenix, shorts are my favorite things. It's too damned hot to wear anything else. Shorts and a tank top/wife beater/vest (if you're from across the ocean).

    Also a great deal of the time it's just undies and a tee shirt.

    When I go out it's tee shirt and jeans. :D
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  9. Depends on what it's like outside, really. It's been obnoxiously warm the past few days, so I've been in shorts and no shirt. Tomorrow, it's going to be almost 30 degrees cooler, so I'll probably lounge around in my sweatpants and a tee.
  10. Basketball shorts and a shirt. Supah comfort, yo.
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  11. I wear Power Armor most of the time, Yellow and Red when I'm angry, Silver and Gold when I'm not.

    So about 8000 days of the year I'm in yellow.
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  12. Pajama pants, comfy as fuck.
  13. I like to bundle up in the winter and wear lighter clothes in summer, but I'm pretty stuck in winter right now CAM01684.jpg
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  14. Since it's freezing, and I cannot retain heat for the life of me I wear a ton of layers. So it's usually, skinny jeans plus at least three layers. And when I'm outside I'll add a hoodie, my black pea coat, combat boots, a scarf, gloves and a hat. I bundle the hell up.
  15. I wear pyjamas or sweats when I'm at home relaxing. If I learn someone is coming to visit, I pull on some jeans and a t-shirt.

    Jeans and t-shirts are what I wear everywhere outside of work and formal occasions.

    Formal occasions are usually black dress pants, a black dress jacket, and a red or white silk shirt. I don't go to many formal occasions, so I can get away with wearing the same sort of outfit over and over.

    I sleep in the clothes I've worn that day. Unless they're super uncomfy.
  16. It's almost always a t-shirt and a pair of jeans for me, and don't forget the work boots. Doesn't matter what the occasion may be, it's a fashion that never goes bad.

    At work, however, I tend to wear a dress shirt, black or grey dress pants, and an awesome white lab coat that is just perfect for a mad scientist outfit (I know, I've done it.)

    I did, however, come to work two weeks ago wearing my steampunk hat and a dragon on my shoulder from my costume at the Carolina Renn Faire. My boss put his head on his desk and pretended to be asleep.

    I love my job.
  17. Right now I have on a blue teddy bear shirt, whose graphic design has started to fade over the years, purple sweat pants, clean underwear, sans bra.

    I hate wearing bras at home. =/ I find them extremely uncomfortable.

    But yes, I normally wear t-shirts and sweat pants at home. Jeans and a t-shirt when I'm out.