What are you watching these days

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  1. I've been rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood :P
  2. Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7, Sailor Moon Crystal, and Mr Selfridge Season 2.
  3. Just caught up on Walking Dead.
    Will probably allow all of season 5 of Game of Thrones to air before marathoning it.

    Which means I need something else to watch.
    Will probably catch up on Log Horizon, and then watch Last Air Bender.
  4. Just finished watching the third season of House of Cards.
  5. Fate/Zero
    I missed alot of it...

    And a couple French dramas...
  6. I'm trying to get into Steven Universe and Unbreakable Kelly Schmidt.
  7. Half-way through FMA:Brotherhood. Need to finish it.
    Watched the Wakfu OVA. Fucking love the French and their cartoons.
    Game Grumps if YouTube channels count. Plenty of SeaNanners.
    Our TeraByte laptop is full of shows to watch.

    How is Steven Universe? Besides hearing people cream themselves over its gender bullshit I heard it's kinda cute and funny.
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  8. Honestly, it really is a cute show. I like how it's not trying to be another cartoon currently out there. It definitely has a lot of potential.
  9. Vikings, just got season 5 of Community on DVD, still waiting on season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to hit DVD/ Netflix, waiting for season 6 of Archer to do the same thing. Game of Thrones season 5 next week!
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  10. Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, House of Cards, and a bunch of other stuff.
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  11. That's out now?
    *Misses this crap because I don't use cable*

    Now I'll need to bump this up on my to watch list. :P
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  12. Yeah it is. It's pretty good. I've been really enjoying it so far.
  13. SAO season 2
    Game of thrones season 4
    Chuunibyo season 2
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  14. The Streaming site I use says the last episode of the season comes out today.
    So I'm going to let that air and then marathon it most likely.
  15. Yeah it does! I won't be able to watch today because I'm going to a System of a Down concert, but tomorrow I'm definitely watching it.
  16. Saint Young Men. (A Brilliant anime about Jesus and Buddha living in an apartment in Tokyo together.)
    Fate/Zero. (Rewatching it. Iskandar!)
    SAO 2.
    SAO 1.

    Various other shows that are on.
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  17. You mean GoT season 5? :P
    These are shows though where I want to let them all air and marathon like everything else.
    But I'm also dying to watch them so much that I'm not sure I can wait.
    Well have fun at the concert then! :3
    Though it will be funny if I beat you to it as a result considering I haven't seen any of it yet.
  18. Well, if you do, you do.

    Also thanks.
  19. NOT iskandar

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  20. I'm current;y watching Glee, cause I missed it when everyone was talking about it. Then I'm gonna be watching all the shows that people keep telling me I need to see (while I'm waiting for Game of Thrones to come out somewhere I can see it without hbo):

    Breaking Bad
    Walking Dead
    (more) Supernatural
    (more) Gotham
    teen wolf

    and probably a million other things
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