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Would you like to be able to read people's minds?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I Don't Know

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  4. I'm Reading Your Thoughts Right Now

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  1. Ever wondered what people are thinking about and thought it would be nice to have ESP? (Telepathy for those that don't know, reading people's minds.)

    Sometimes I wish I had it, but I dunno. It would be cool but yet it wouldn't.
  2. I answered yes, but now that I think about it, i don't want the ability.

    I would rather go on not knowing if a person thought cruel things about me or if things they said were a lie.

    Then again, if I did have the ability, I could know if a person would be truthful when they said something.

    So, I guess its both a good and bad thing that about wanting that power.
  3. Absolutely not. Telepathy is a terrifying power. A person has a lot of thoughts, which can change every single second, and diving into a chaotic mess that is not your own would be akin to a nightmare. Realistically, anyone who had the power of telepathy would probably slowly lose their mind when they try to read someone else's thoughts. Knowing what someone thinks about you is also really not that great, as many people judge based on their first impressions, so many of them would probably insult you if only in their minds. There is a good reason why thoughts are kept inside the mind and not spoken that often.

    It's so easy to take someone's comments and actions out of context. Get stuff wrong, have feelings hurt. t___t

    Imagine reading someone's -private- thoughts. Thoughts that are uncensored and always running on whims and emotions. Impulse and stuff. Not filtered and tempered with reason, logic, compassion, etc.


    After all, I wouldn't want -my- thoughts read. I am an asshole. I can only imagine what other people are thinking. t__t I don't want to know.
  5. No way. o_O On top of the other things that've been said, people think about sex a lot...do you want to accidentally stumble across someone's perverted fantasy out of nowhere? I didn't think so.
  6. Haven't you seen the cartoons..Well specifically the episode of Fairly Oddparents where Timmy could read other people's minds?...

    SEE HOW IT WORKED FOR HIM? He had to find basketballs to make it all go away.

    So..I would never want the ability to read other people's minds. Plus it just seems..intrusive.
  7. Well, in that episode, Timmy couldn't shut it off, right? That can be fixed.
  8. I kinda disagree with it being fixed.
    But still..

    Don't want to read minds. Period.
  9. I'm thinking:

    I wish I didn't have this stupid spanish class that is a million times more work than it should be.
    I wish I didn't have to take two tests and class tonight.
    I wish my grandma wasn't a weird neat freak crazy woman that is coming to live with us for a week. It will be awkward.
    I wish this wedding with my brother and sister-in-law to be wasn't happening. They are unhappy. You can see it. Why the fuck is this happening. Why spend money. WHY. .___.
    I wish the wedding was over so I could dance at the reception.
    I wish some random guy wasn't walking up with me, cuz, that's creepy.
    I wish Miru was here. <3
    I wish I was playing League all day.
    I wish I was back at school making snowmen.

    that's what I'm thinking.
  10. Copying Staci, my mind is full of sound and fury signifying... unrelenting dissatisfaction. tl;dr I have Gil Scott Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised running full blast in my head, all day err'day.

    Oh, also to stay on topic: Fuck telepathy, nosy-ass motherfuckers always wanna have their fingers all up in everyone's pies and pudding then cry when they can't find a way to wash that shit off.
  11. Must...stay...on-topic...
  12. Yes. I would love to read people's mind, at my own will, of course. I want to have the choice to enter someone's mind and find out their secrets, things they try to hide, deepest, darkest wonders.

    At my will, of course.
  13. No.

    Just like reading the future, it's a two-edged blade. People tend to be preoccupied with plans and getting through each day enough as it is, no need to give them more things to worry about.
  14. ... no.
    That would be terrible. Like Diana said, private whims and things...
    You might end up accidentally getting treated to a porn show of your face on that other girl's hot body a la the guy standing a few feet away, or something like that.

    Or of something else entirely that makes your soul cry.

  15. As random yet oddly connected as my thoughts are I don't think I'd want to read anyone's mind for fear of getting confused. Also, I really don't wanna know about people's sexual fantasies. Besides, we already have Twilight for that and y'see how that came out.