What are you playing right now?

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  1. What game are you currently into?

    I'm playing through Pokemon X (though apparently at 1/10000 the speed of everyone else, I'm working on my 2nd badge), Grandia II for dreamcast, and I'm also really into Duel Monsters at the moment!
  2. Torchlight II for PC. Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360.
  3. I'm still wasting time on the Skyrim expansions, and collecting the last of the bottles from the Sly series. Online, I'm working my way through my second incarnation in GoT: Ascension. And on my phone I'm trying to collect the last eighteen stars from Kingdom Rush, even though I've already unlocked everything that you can unlock with stars.
  4. Same as Butterfly, as we game together all the time. :3

    Additionally, I've been playing Pokemon! It's nice to have something handheld to play while I keep an eye on my LO.
  5. I haven't upgraded past PS2 to b honest. I'm currently playing FF12 and the godfather game.
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  6. Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines.

    I'm currently going apeshit on some poor Tongs as a Tremere.
  7. I'm playing LOTR- War of the North

    Since the second part of the Hobbit is coming out in a month, I'm in LOTR mood :)
  8. Payday 2 on XBOX360
    Rob banks get money
    By the way, my XBL is ScarecrowDread hook me up guys
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  9. Uh... I got a few. I don't know but I'm getting my angst on with Silent Hill 2 and Drakengard.
  10. I've been playing a lot of pokemon recently, though I keep jumping between games. I have a Black 2 and Y run going, as well as a Fire Red Nuzlock challenge. I'll get around to finishing them... eventually.

    Spore has grabbed my attention, but mostly because I made a vow to attempt to eradicate the grox. This will take a while... and I'm pretty sure it might be impossible.
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  11. Not impossible, just really, really tedious.
  12. I'm Playing Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and some Icewind Dale 2.
  13. If my computer decides to start working properly then I can start playing runescape again, but apparently it doesn't want me to do that T-T
    Other than that I'm into dracula: origin. Funnily enough, it has very little dracula in it xD He only shows up in the end. (Replayed it a couple... or more times)
  14. Touhou 8. Again.
  15. Currently I'm on a pure Sorcerer run In Dark Souls(Xbox360) And when that gets on my nerves because the REGAL ARCHIVES and Crystal EVERYTHING!!!....Ahem...I am also playing through some XCOM Enemy Unknown, prepping for my copy of Enemy Within arrives.
  16. I've been playing Dragon's Dogma, and I've played so much in the space of three days that it's beginning to effect my speech. I just made a post using the word "aught".