What are you looking forward to in....

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    I thought there might have been a thread like this, but anyway....​
    In A week​
    In A month​
    In A year​
    Tell me cause I need to know!​
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does on this site and future roleplays with others. Heck, maybe I'll even gain a couple of friends on here.
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  3. GTA V!

  4. Pokemon X and Y~

    I've literally never gotten a game at release in my life before, so it's doubly exciting!

    I'm also looking forward to new hires bring all trained up so I don't have to work 7 days in a row again
  5. BRING ME THE WINTER. BRING ME THE COLD. Soon the air will be chill enough that I can open up all the windows and get that woooonderful fresh fall and winter aiiiir!
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  6. The fall and winter, the leaves changing color, the big puffy gray rain clouds, possibly getting my book written and sent off once next year comes around, getting a PS4 and playing all of the delicious games it comes with, Halloween, and more school.
  7. I'm just looking forward to paying clients! Anyone?
  8. It's almost pumpkin smashing season too! 8D We have new weapons!
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  9. Looking forward to being fully recovered in a year and having my leg in perfect condition again!
  10. Looking forward for Pokemon X/Y which comes out in less than a month! Already reserved it and everything!
  11. A week? This medication to actually work.
    A month? Hopefully a call back about a job.
    A year? Moving far, far away from my parents >_>

    That is all, dogs. This fox is out.