What are some cool iPhone apps?

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  1. Anyone know of any fun/iinteresting and (free) iPhone app2?
  2. All of these are free!

    • Splashy Fish (an addicting side-scroller game that is simple and (you'd think) easy)

    • Frotz (A choose-your-own-adventure type game where the story responds to what you type in the breaks. I highly recommend Lost Pig which comes with it for free)

    • Clumsy Ninja (help to train a ninja in all kinds of goofy ways so he can rescue his sister)

    • Flow Free (connect the pipes, and make sure to use up all the space! Trickier than it looks)

    • Chibi Me (how I got my avatar; you have to pay for more options, but it can be fun to play with)

    • Brave Frontier (Occupying if you want a more console-style RPG to play. Not much story to it though, it's pretty simplistic)

    • Despicable Me: Minion Rush (addicting as all hell)

    • Bejeweled
    • Hangman by Spice
    • SCRABBLE free (only play if you're ok with the use of slang, proper nouns, and nonsense words in scrabble)

    • Can You Escape (a look-around-the-room-collect-items-and-solve-puzzles game!)

    • Falldown! 2 (guide the ball through falling platforms; pretty addicting and you can unlock new balls and backgrounds)

    • Sonic Dash (Reccomend to any sonic fan; very fun)

    • Guitar! By Smule (Guitar Hero for your phone, basically. Limited but growing selection)

    • Draw Something free (prepare for penis pictures if you play with strangers)

    • Tetris Blitz
    • Plague Inc (manipulate a virus and exterminate humanity with it! Very fun and challenging)

    • You Rather (fun, and a decent conversation starter)

    • NinJump (also fun, simple, and addictive)

    • Sound Key (I highly recommend paying the $2 for the full version, but the free version is pleasant, too. Touch the notes and make music)

    • Mangastorm (very useful if you're a manga fan, best with an internet connection)

    • CameraTimer (there's popups, but if you like to take good pictures this helps you take multiple shots and choose the best one, and take pics without the arm-in-the-picture style selfie shot)

    • PokeMaster (handy if you're a competetive player or a breeder)

    • MultiDie, MyCountR, Gasbuddy, Ebay, Google, and my personal bank app so I can do quick transfers and balance checks, are not entertaining, but are very useful
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