What a Great Site!



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Hello everyone!
I've roleplayed before about a year ago. I stopped roleplaying for a while as life tends to hold everyone down for a while. But I feel I'm ready to awaken and use my way with words again!

I'm an avid (but picky) reader. I don't usually like to read YA novels as, to me, some can get really unrealistic. I can't say that for the Hunger Games however. I like it. I have read the Tairen Soul series, Night's Rose & Prince of Frogs - big into the Fey, Romance/Fantasy genres. Alas, there aren't enough of them since the vampires and werewolves seem to suffocate them...
As I am a picky reader I think that goes hand in hand with roleplays as well, but we'll see!

Please, take care of me! ^.^
Hello, Swan!

It is, in fact a great site! And I'm not just trying to float my own boat, as it were. This place has been great since timeImmemorial. At least, who remembers the early 2000's anyways?

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I see you've done your resume, this will help in the future! Be sure to drop by the Cbox (if you scroll down you can see it on the left hand side - if you haven't seen it already) and say hi. I'll leave the rest of the instructions to better hands.

You can call me Fel, by the way, your friendly neighborhood Asylum mod.
Hello and welcome Miss Loverly Swan! :D
Thanks, Fel and Diana!

I've familiarized myself with the site, it's SO simple! I love it!
And now to get started! ^.^
Awww, I'm glad that you like our site.
I love it very much, so it makes me happy to hear it complimented.
Welcome to Iwaku, by the way!
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.

We have many fine writers about, many of whom I admire~
I hope that you'll feel the same, for it's a treasure to read the writing of some of them.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to ask!
See this cookie? >>:cookie: It is for you. Take it. =) Welcome to Iwaku!​
Hey Kitti!
Thanks for the welcome! I'm sure there are lots of unique imaginations here to meet. ^^

Thanks, Cerulean! :angel:
:cookie: Chomp, nom.. nom, chomp, nom nom... glump. ^.^ ahhhh. Delicious!
You are welcome. =D