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  1. [For OOC and Character Sign-Ups, go here:

    The crew members of the Valhalla were wandering throughout the sterile halls, with white walls and black floors. Over the intercom, classical-sounding music is playing softly. In fact, it's actually the composition of the ship's computer, Kara. The people are mostly dressed in blue jumpsuits-the only type of clothing that can be easily created on the ship. Propaganda and advertisements can be found here and there aboard the ship.

    For example:
    One has a photograph of a semi-attractive human man. The other shows the same person horribly mutated by Nurgle. It reads "Kaos. Not even once."

    The classical music is interrupted a moment. Screens on the walls display the face of Captain Apollo. He's giving a light smile. He speaks with a voice demonstrably more monotone than the ship's computer. He says: "This is your captain speaking. I'd like the following crew members to report to the barracks: Tycho Merax. Shas. Shandra Odette. Throatslitta. Tash'var"

    When they arrive at the hallway leading into the barracks, they'll notice a sign that says "Non-lethals only beyond this point". There are lockers for storing any lethal weaponry they have. Once they enter, they'll see a very large, open room.

    Inside is Apollo, sitting on a chair, calmly sipping on champagne. He's wearing his combat armor, except the helmet. Hovering around him is the Kara drone.

    Next to him are armored androids. They're carrying non-lethal lasgun carbines and other various non-lethal weapons.
    They look doll-like, and have white plastic bodies. Their faces are entirely blanks.

    He says "Hello, my friends" with a smile. "I've selected you four for a new assignment, if you're interested in accepting. A promotion, if you will. It'll pay better, though you may find it potentially more dangerous. Have I sparked your curiousity?"
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  2. "Der yah go play'n dat dumdum muzic, hurtz mah eeers!" Says a large green Ork talking to the screen. "OI Ooomie! I'm Talk'n to yah YAH BETTAH TALK TA ME!!" Annoyed that the image wouldn't speak to him like they did on the bridge, the AI seems to send a explination that works well enough to appease the Ork. "Onvva one o'his fancy trikz ehh? So wants me to go to es brige an listan to em speak huh?" Angerly he agree's to the AI's

    "Not Brigge? Ah..Fine fine Barbrickz, I'm a walk'n, stompa walka. Ya'll oomies usin big words that so alike, ouutta jus call it da boyz Nap'n Room!"

    Upon reaching the barracks the Ork notices the most annoying sign he seen far too often, Who were they to tell him he couldn't just discharge a firearm into the roof or floor of the ship as it suited him? The Nerve of some people. Noticing a Tech the Ork lays down his blade and gun, making sure the human sees him eye to eye the slouched over Ork snarls. "Oi! YOU! OOMMIE! I Counted all da shinnies in mah dakka, ef they ain't der win I'm bak, den neitha will you be. An don't ya fink I ain't stronk witout da Dakka, stonk nuff ta break yah in half." With that the Greenskin continues past, seeing his Captain drinking more of his..lesser grog, the Ork Narrows his eyes letting out a gruf breath of contempt. "Der yah go Drink'n moar of that Sparklee watah! Wen yah needz sum Ork Grog! Like a Real one o'da Boyz! WAAAAG"

    At the Mention of Pay the Ork shrugs. "I don't care bouts no pay. I juust wanna smash fingz...make kunnin kaos and then gut em reaaal nice like. So I go cause its moar dangarus! I Yah oomies an yah offers fer shinnies, ovvahthank'n thingzs." With a hugg the Ork doesn't even care what the job is, only that its dangerous.

    Staring at the machines the Ork doesn't seem to question them, but he had gained something of a respect for them as he had his Captain, they took a pretty good beating to break.
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  3. Apollo thinks about how he'd explain classical music to an Ork. He says "Well, you know how red ones go faster? Well, white and silver makes things more cunning. And that music is the silveriest, whitest music is there is. Listening to it will make you more cunning. But I'll turn it off anyways, it's getting stuck in my head, too." He snaps his fingers and the music shuts off.

    Once he complains about his gun being taken away, Apollo says "Don't worry, your weapons are safe. I just don't want anyone to get shot with a lethal weapon, that'd make them less shooty and stompy. And repairing robots is too much trouble."

    Suddenly, androids come in with cases that they open up to reveal non-lethal "copies" of their typical weapons. They're painted blue.

    "These are like your normal weapons, only they aren't inherently lethal. You'll be using them during this training mission. I'll get to that in a second...."
  4. Tycho liked to believe his unorthodox thinking had set him on his path to glory for the Machine God. It was his decision to murder the strike leaders to preserve the Manufactoium's output instead of accepting failure, it was his decision to usurp command from his party's unhinged leader instead of obeying him, and it was his decision to abandon their original plans to join the Explorator fleet and join forces with a Rogue Trader to achieve mutual goals. The first two he was sure of; they were the right decisions. The third, however, was beginning to look like a misstep.

    Orks were one thing; Tycho had heard of some greenskins who would offer their services to the highest bidder, even the Imperium, so this could be forgiven. Allowing the Tau and their Techno-sorcery aboard was difficult for Tycho and his party to ignore. Few would openly consort with avowed enemies of the Imperium, and the Explorators wished not to be among them. However, once the techpriests learned that the ship they traveled upon was host to an artificial intelligence, they practically mutined. Xenos and tech-heresy they could abide, but even the most open-minded of them would not tolerate the Soulless Sentience. Tycho assured them that their fears were unfounded and that he'd speak with the captain about the issue, but he had had trouble getting in touch with the enigmatic man. The explorators were now speaking openly of leaving the ship, and some whispered of more drastic actions. Tycho was well aware that he could be usurped of command just as easily as their previous leader, so when the Captain summoned him, he departed with constrained haste to meet his host.

    Arriving in the barracks, he beheld the Rogue Trader, Apollo Torque, surrounded by a number of servitors. They lacked their usual appearance of bulkiness and visible augmentation, suggesting their quality, or possibly their alien make. Their non-lethal armaments suggested they were combat-training servitors. The Captain outlined his offer, one which intrigued the Explorator. If he earned this promotion, he could make requests of his Captain on behalf of his companions. Folding his arms, he waited silently for the Captain to continue.
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  5. Apollo looks at Tycho and says "By the way, Kara told me you wanted to talk to me about some...problems we were having with the members on this ship who follow the Church of Mars?"
    He unfortunately was ignorant of the ban on AIs when he picked them up. In fact, he expected them to practically worship the machine. However, it turns out that they never really got over the Men of Iron fiasco.

    "That isn't why I brought you here, but I think we should schedule an appointment to discuss this problem. I guess we could start discussing it while we wait for the others to arrive, but I don't think we'll really have time to fully address all the issues involved here."
  6. Tycho bowed his head to the ship's Captain. “Yes, the tenets of our faith are rather complex and require considerable time to discuss in depth... much like any faith.” He diplomatically added the end. “In summary, my fellows cannot abide the presence of your... logic engine. If we cannot resolve this issue soon, I fear my fellows shall depart your ship and service at the next port we arrive at.” There was no need to admit the direness of his situation... yet.
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  7. "Fair enough" said Apollo. He finished off the champagne and gave it to the Kara drone who flew off before quickly returning. "If it's alright with your church, I'd like to see a copy of your holy book." He then adds "They're free to leave if they must, but I request that they try to stick around as I believe we can make an arrangement that'll work for both of us". He sighs and says "It's unfortunately a rather complicated plan, but I'm sure they'll start to see reason once I can demonstrate it."
  8. "Reason and faith don't typically go that well together," Came a cold voice, brashly inserting her opinion on the matter without care.

    Shandra Odette, the woman in question, heard of some of the grumbling and complaints, all of which she herself didn't hold much of an issue with. Growing up as she did, it was rather difficult to hold belief in much aside from your own abilities. Still, she wouldn't spend much time speaking or even paying attention to the issue. The Catachan survivor, due to her time with the Guard, knew of how "faith" could influence Man, and arguing with it was a waste of time. As long as none of this affected her, there was a good chance she would stay out of the issue.

    Shandra was still in a variant of her typical attire. While not wearing her armor currently, she still equipped what seemed to be the same black clothing she wore under it. The woman held a scowl and narrowed eyes on her face, but that was obviously typical of her as the crew had learned and adapted to in her short time on the ship. Crossing her arms and standing in a contrapposto pose, Odette rather quickly onto the matter for which they were called there, not being one for small-talk or trivialities.

    "I don't care about the difficulty as long as I get compensated fairly in some way," The Catachan woman stated, red eyes beaming at their Captain. "As well that I would not be going in completely blind. What does this assignment entail?
  9. Var'Gri heard 'Shas' over the intercom for him to go to the Barracks. Apollo seemed interested in the Tau, but was calling Var'Gri by his Caste Name and not even his name. Var'Gri headed that way, dropping off the Pulse Rilfe and Pulse Pistol that was on his person to the human that was taking them. Storing them for safety, as the sign states. It was unsettling to leave his weapons in the hands of someone who didn't understand them, but rules were rules. Var'Gri was a Shas'El, which meant that he was Fire Caste and a Knight, that was his ranking. He was promoted to El, or Knight rank whenever he returned and with news of the Rogue Trader. Before that, he was an Ui, which equals to a Space Marine Sergeant, in terms of rank. He 'was' all these things, but now he is considered no longer a part of the Tau Empire...or that is what he has told Apollo and anyone else who asked him.

    Entering the barracks, Var'Gri could see that a few others had already arrived before the Tau, including the Ork...The fact Apollo somehow reasoned with an Ork was beyond Var'Gri, and something that would be reported back to the Ethereal's the first chance he got. The Water Caste attempted to speak to the Orks...which didn't end well. Perhaps the Orks were a case by case thing, and can't be reasoned with as a large group, but individually.

    Var'Gri was currently in his Combat Armor, helmet tucked underneath his arm as he was silent for a moment, letting Shandra speak. He understood Low Gothic, it was coming in handy now. "It would be beneficial for everyone if these members of your....Faith, are handled as soon as possible. Working together as one is more important than petty beliefs, such as if machines have spirits or not." Var'Gri didn't believe in Machine Gods or whatever the Church of Mars believed in. Tau's technology was very different from Human technology, and even the AI's that were currently being worked on by the Tau, which the Humans would find even more heretical, ontop of Tau being xenos.

    This Faith...would be very hard to bring into the Greater Good, even if the Greater Good is willing to overlook their beliefs as long as they follow the Greater Good...but the Faith probably wouldn't like the Tau Empires technology, and all that.
  10. Tycho bristled at the alien's comments and responded with a series of low, growling beeps. 01010000 01100101 01110010 01101000 01100001 01110000 01110011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101001 01100110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100100 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01001101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01010011 01110000 01101001 01110010 01101001 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101101 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01101111 01101110 00101100 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101001 01100101 01101110 00101110 Returning to Low-Gothic, he said levelly, “Enough. This issue is between the Captain and I. I would not have others complicating matters needlessly. We were not summoned here to debate the finer points of the Cult Mechanicus.” He turned to the Captain, “Once our present business is concluded, I would be more than happy to prepare a dataslate on the Cult Mechanicus and brief you on the issue in more detail.
  11. Growling an angry sigh, the Ork starts to stomp his fight foot, not having a heavy blade or an Axe, it was a common enough ritual amongst Orks, and likely well known around the any space that had encountered the Orks. "Git on wit'it yah take'n up all me time Oomies!" Throatslitta says ready for battle, if not welcoming it.

    "Yah Oomies jus talk toos much, if dah robe boyz don't like it, throw em out da airlok, dat'll teach em. Dis why we boyz will run da lot of yah one of dez days...all this talk on Gods and fings don't mattah, until yah meet em n Deef, if yah do see em boyz at allz."

    Rather philosophical as far as Orks were concerned the Green one laid out his own thoughts. If theres trouble, kill them. And if they wanted to keep on with religious talks, well it was easy enough to arrange that meeting.. Showing a row of sharp teeth as he lears in, it was the Orkish way to establish order with force, or the threat of force,

    "Well unless yah want'n ta meet yer gods soonah."

    With the other human, and this Tau, it seemed most of them were here, he wasn't sure where the other two were, or really even cared.

    "So Cap'n wut is dis meshion you have for us lot?" It was noted that Throatslitta didn't just call the Captain a Oomie or something else desrespectful.

    "All dez stoopid talk bout the Mek Mek...Least da Yellerz are gud fer sumthin.." Snorting the Ork was however somewhat fond of the Machine the breif time he had been on the ship to him there was no need to question what it said. It was like dealing with stories about the Brain Boyz.
  12. Apollo sighed once Var'Gri and Shandra started complaining about the Admech religion.
    "Now, now. Faith is an important part of the human experience, and that of other sentient beings as well. I'm sure the Adeptus Mechanicas has valid concerns-unsound concerns-but valid nonetheless. And I'll try to address them, when it is the time to do so". Apollo knew no god, but he had faith in himself and in reason. Perhaps in nativity, he thought he could reason with the Machine Church.

    He then looks at the clock and turns to Var'Gri. "Ah, Shas...or is it Var'Gri? I'm sorry-I'm unaccustomed to Tau names". He then goes on "I'm glad you could make it. Your protege, have you seen him? I'd like to start briefing, but since he hasn't arrived yet, I'll tell it to you. If he arrives late, I'll just have Kara tell him." The Kara drone nodded, obediently.

    "Now, I've gathered you here for a purpose, obviously. I'm inviting you to join an....elite team of sorts, which will answer directly to me." says Apollo.

    Kara rolls her eye and says "He selected you for your potential synergy as a working team, I'm sure". Kara knew that organics working together is how most bad ideas start.

    "I'll personally oversee your operations. We'll do the most important missions the Valhalla Crew will face. When we are not deployed on a mission, you'll serve as my personal advisers and/or bodyguards. If you accept, you'll have access to the luxury quarters, at least double the pay of your normal job, and some of the coolest equipment we can find. Otherwise, well, the exit's over there. You can return to your previous job".

    He then turns to Kara and says "Kara, shall we begin the training program?".
    Kara says "My pleasure". The training servitors move to their positions. Suddenly, walls start to raise from the floor, creating a large maze. He says "So, first I want to see how well we do together before we start, and what we need to work on. In the four corners of this maze, there are flags. Capture all four flags without perishing, and we'll have succeeded our mission."

    There are four exits: Northwest, Northeast, West, and East. Apollo says "Alright. We'll go for the southeastern flag first. This way." He leads east.

    We arrive at the end of this hallway, which leads into another hallway in a "T-shape" that leads north and south.
    To our left, we see 3 Drones from around the corner, about 50 meters away. All three of them are armed with what amounts to Laspistols. One declares "I see you!" in an adorable high-pitched voice. They charge their weapons, and prepare to attack!
    [In order to roll Initiative, you roll 1d10 + your agility bonus (which is the 10s digit of your agility)
    I rerolled some dice to break ties.]

    [Initiative and Turn Order:
    Drone 2: 14
    Slitta: 13
    Kara: 13 (I'll let Slitta go before her)
    Var'Gri: 12
    Apollo: 12
    Drone 3: 8
    Tycho Merax: 7
    Drone 1: 6
    Shandra: 5]
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Drone #1 Iniative (1d10+4) Total: 2 $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Drone #2 Initiative (1d10+4) Total: 14 $dice $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Drone #3 Initiative (1d10+4) Total: 4 $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Apollo Initiative (1d10+3) Total: 11 $dice $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Kara's Initiative (1d10 + 4) Total: 9 $dice
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  13. The first one to attack is Drone #2. It decides to start by firing at Slitta.
    [Step one in any attack is to roll a percentile die. If you roll under your WS/BS, then you manage to hit.
    To roll percentile dice, roll 1d50, and then multiply that number by 2. That'll be your percentage roll.]

    [14 * 2=28. As the Drone's BS is 22, this means that the attack misses.]

    A laser bolt flies out of the drone's gun, but it misses the Ork, flying past his ear. He'll be able to feel the heat against his face, but it won't be especially painful or even uncomfortable.
    Protagonist threw 50-faced die for: Drone #2's BS Total: 14 $dice
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  14. "Oi! Yah dum roboboy! Shoot Straighta!!!"

    Turning his Shoota on the Drone fixing his aim in accordance to his own words, it was unlikely Sltta would miss he was sure of that by some unknown force.

    "Show yah how itz dun! Yah dumb roboboy!" Leveling the firearm and pulling the trigger the Ork fires the 2nd shot of the battle. And he would not miss..

    "Ya'll Otta boyz bettah shoot gud too yeah? I Ain't no Shield wall!"

    (OOC below)
    Action fires at drone two, rolled 36 in ooc on precentage. Totalling Damage.

    10+4 Well someones going to be hurting.
    RedArmyShogun threw 10-faced die for: dakka dakka dakka Shoota shot Total: 10 $dice
  15. [Drone takes 10 wounds]

    The Shoota fires beanbag rounds, each hitting the drone square in its optic.
    The Drone declares "Eek! I have boo-boos! Kara, can you kiss it to make it feel better?"
  16. It was quite interesting how fast Apollo and his AI had crafted a non-lethal Pulse Rifle. It couldn't possibly be just like the Tau version, but a human replica. Something that would be considered heresy by the Humans for messing with Xenos tech, or something like that. A Drone had fired at the large Ork, of course at the Ork. It was a big target, hard to miss...but the Drone did. The Ork opened fire back at the Drone's, landing a hit on one of them. Var'Gri aimed the nonlethal Pulse Rifle, and took a shot at the Drone.

    Working together as a unit, was the Tau way of warfare. They worked as one larger unit, and Var'Gri would have difficulties with some of these crew members probably...
    Artorias threw 10-faced die for: Pulse Rifle Total: 5 $dice $dice
  17. A bolt of plasma exits the barrel, and hits the drone right in the face. The drone starts to spark a little, and then flies away, screaming "Owieowieowie!".

    Now it's Apollo's turn. He reaches for his archeotech pistol, pulls it out, twirls it a moment for dramatic effect, before firing away at drone #3....

    He manages to hit it, but only barely. Turns out a handgun isn't exactly a mortar.

    [Drone takes 1 Wound]

    Apollo curses as his weapon proves semi-useless. He jokes "Hey, Var'Gri? Want to trade guns?".

    Kara speaks with feigned sympathy as she addresses the other drones "Oh, poor babies! Don't worry. I'll kiss your booboos. With fire!"

    She starts charging forewards, 8 meters. She'll need to move 20 meters total before she can hit them with her flamethrower.

    A drone responds "Yay! Here, have some lasers!"

    The laser hits Kara, causing her to let out a bunch of guttural beeps and declares "01001111 01010111!"
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Apollo's Great Justice Total: 8 $dice $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Archeotech Pistol Damage Total: 2 $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Drone #3's hit chances Total: 4 $dice $dice
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Damage from Laspistol (1d10+2) Total: 8 $dice
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  18. Bunirr awoke with some wariness present. Why hasen't Var'Gri come to check in with me yet? I told him to do so a good bit ago... Something seems to be wrong prehaps... With this unsettling thought Bunirr got up, grabbing his Carbine. I'll keep it at the ready. I could just be paranoid and cause an incident... But I should always be prepared. With all of his gear, Bunirr opens his door, peaks outside the door. Oh... I also need to not look suspicious. Bit more risk this way but i think i can manage. Bunirr walks around for a bit before getting a shock. He turns into a hallway, going towards the head of the ship and spots a android walking down the hallway. He quickly moves back into the other hallway. Maybe i should hold a grenade. Less suspicious. But before he could ready anything the android calls out to him, telling him everyone assembled at the head of the ship. So it was all paranoia... Or i'm being lured into getting killed... I'll have to take the risk. Even with that thinking, Bunirr hides a grenade, prepared... When he arrived at the box for his weapons and the sign he gripped the grenade harder and looked around with a soldiers eyes. Wait. The box. Somethings up with it. He looks back at the box and sees that Var'Gri had left his weapons there. Either everything is all good or I'll be killed anyway... So i should leave my weapons here. With that done he walks to the where the Kara drone is. I was told to assemble here. Why? Where is everyone else?
  19. Tycho followed the Captain into the maze of bulkheads. Surmising it was a combat course, he drew his hellgun and readied it for battle. The weapon's machine spirit accepted the modified charge packs without complaint. Once the combat drones appeared, he issued a quick noospheric command to his servo skull to take cover before ducking behind a nearby bulkhead himself and snapping off a shot.

    The shot went wide, missing his targets, though Tycho didn't expect to land a hit. Now that he was in cover, he could take his time targeting the combat drones.

    Move- Half Action
    Standard Attack- Half Action (Miss)
    Grothnor threw 10-faced die for: Standard Attack Total: 7 $dice $dice
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  20. Bunnir will find a locked door between them and the maze that the rest of the group is fighting in.

    A Kara Drone (not the one that follows Apollo around, but a different one also under direct control by the ship's AI) greets Bunnir.
    "Hello, 6.28" she says. She's reffering to the number "Tau". "Allow me to get you up to speed...For unknown reasons, the Captain has selected you for a special strike team. He is currently running a training simulation where the team is tasked with grabbing four flags in order to save the hypothetical day. Allow me to let you inside...."
    The doors unlock, letting him inside the actual simulation.


    Another drone decides to fire upon the Kara drone. It shouts "Pew, pew!"
    It misses by about a mile.
    Protagonist threw 10-faced die for: Drone Lasa Total: 15 $dice $dice
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