Western Institute for Higher Learning

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  1. ~Western Institute for Higher Learning~

    Welcome to the Western Institute, where everything is not as it seems. You've been hand picked by our headmaster, Doctor Thorne, to run through these special courses crafted just for your special needs. Here your child will be cared for and looked after as they pursue their education. Every need will be met without worry or care. Our Institute offers-


    Screen goes black before a girl with red and blue hair appears on your computer screen, appearing not much older than you. She looks around warily for a moment. "You're alone, right kid?" She asks. Finally she settles down and grins at you. "The Western Institute has everything you need for your special kind of development. We've been watching you and know just what kind of skills you possess. Now tell me, what have you got to lose? Sign up for one of our majors and remember.... everything is not as it seems here." She giggles before the screen fizzles back to black and redirects you to the sign-up page.


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