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  1. Ten years ago six year old Missy Alexander disappeared into the woods. She and her family had gone on a camping trip and Missy had disappeared during it. They searched for her everywhere, helicopters scoured the vast forest, rangers hiked through the mountains, dogs were given her scent, but nobody found her.


    Until one day, Oliver Blake the local deputy emerged from the woods with a sixteen year old girl with a wild glint in her eye. It didn't take the town long to figure out who she was, and it didn't take people long to start asking about what happened ten years ago, but Missy had been gone for so long that human speech was foreign to her and she needed to be taught how to be civilized all over again before her story came to light.

    "But I know what happened. "
    "That Missy girl didn't disappear she was took. Took by them wolves. Everyone in town say there weren't none left, but I know better. My great great grandaddy helped was one of the three men who built this town. When the founders came to this land it was nothing but a massive log cabin surrounded by the forest that girl came out of. And there weren't no natives living in the cabin. No sirree, they was wolves. Wolves that could stand straight up! Turn into a man and do everything we could do and more!"

    "They didn't want us here. They tried to drive them away, but my grandaddy and the other founders wouldn't back down. They tried to fight the wolves with all the men that they had but they failed, and what's worse is that them fallen men rose back up as wolves. The founders retreated but they were strong and they refused to leave even though them wolves was huntin them down like rabbits. The founders found shelter in an old mine that turned out to be a dead end. They readied to fight to the end, but when the wolves caught up with them, they stopped right at the mouth of that mine and howled in agony."

    "Silver. It was a silver mine, and turns out them wolves can't do nothin' gainst silver. I tell you now, and you better listen. Stuff that girls head full'a silver or your good as dead."


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  2. It's a warm and beautiful Sunday morning, the day after Missy Alexander was found by Oliver Blake. The people in question where at the town hall along with Missy's parents, and Beckett Livingston, the town's pediatrician. The group had been in the building since 9:00 AM that morning, and nobody directly involved with Missy was being allowed in. Some of the more 'sensitive' folk, also known as the busy bodies of the town, were gathered outside, just waiting for the exact minute that the group exited the town hall, but it didn't seem like that would happen anytime soon.


    Unlike the bloodsuckers of the town, Valerie was not waiting to 'pounce' on Missy. In fact she didn't know what she was going to do when she saw her best friend--Err...Former best friend. They'd spent almost every day with each other when they were younger, along with a few other kids, but did Missy even remember that? And would she even want to be friends again? Valerie had heard about people who went missing and then came back completely different like they'd gone and purchased a new identity. What if Missy wanted nothing to do with her?

    "Damn it." Valerie grumbled under her breath, taking out the pocket mirror from her purse and fixing her make up. She hated how nervous and flustered she felt. She was never this anxious about anything! And why would she be? She was Valerie James. The most popular girl in school! She made other people nervous! It wasn't the other way around!

    "Chill. Just chill out." She hissed to herself, and leaned against the wall of the building in an attempt to look nonchalant and unshakably confident.
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  3. India was a little curious on that Sunday morning. She had known Missy; she would cause everyone knew everyone, of course, but they were in the same class in school. She was still curious though. India was kind of sorry for Valerie, though. She knew that they used to be best friends. India's mother was one of the people trying to see what would come of the situation. Crazy woman, India thought. She had decided to stay home on that particular Sunday. No need for any extra people out there.
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  4. [​IMG]


    Though it was a hot and dusty Sunday smack dab in the middle of June, the air condition-less Rowle Gunstore was open and ready for business. It said 'J Rowle & Associates' on the sign, but it really was only owned and operated by Jake who worked whenever he felt like it, which to Derrick's amusement was pretty much all the time. His older brother lived and breathed work when his nose wasn't stuck in a book or trying to get through his online class. A regular Joe Shmoe choir boy choir boy, yet more than capable of kicking the ass of dude's twice his size when he wanted to. Really, Derrick found it amazing sometimes that though they shared the same last name, icy blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair that everyone in their family carried, that they were even related at all. The two brothers were as different as night and day, but they were nonetheless brothers and best friends behind all the bickering and bitching they did when they were alone.

    That dry Sunday though, Derrick was lounging in the window too hot to do anything much other than sweat like a pig. Though he had the latest edition of 'Guns and Ammo' tucked in his hand to keep himself busy, his eyes kept glancing up over the rim to where the people hustled and bustled outside of the courthouse diagonal to their shop. He felt like he should know why they were there ... but every time he tried to fathom a guess, the words stuck to the edge of their tongue and the sliver of memory was lost. At long last, he tossed the magazine aside and leaned back lazily with his head back so he could look over towards where Jake was filling out order forms for the local club chapter meet.

    "Hey Jake? Yo, you listenin'?"

    His brother didn't look up from his work, but a grunt affirmed him that his bro was, indeed, paying attention.

    "Somethin' going down at the courthouse? I'm tryin' to remember ... It's on the tip of my tongue ... "

    This time Jake looked up, but his eyes were tight. The kind of tightness that formed there when the subject was one Jake wasn't comfortable with. Derrick knew it well and lifted an eyebrow as he waited for the news.

    "Derrick, I know it's hot as the blazes of hell in here, but are you sure your brains haven't sweated out of your ears? The courthouse meeting is about Missy Alexander, remember? The whole town's been pretty much on a shutdown since Blake pulled her out of the woods yesterday. And the stuff some of the guys are saying ... "

    Derrick stiffened a little and turned back to the window.

    Right ... Missy Alexander ....

    Their own next door neighbor. The girl who disappeared back when they were in grade school. He gave out a soft whistle before turning over to Jake again.

    "Does Dad know?"

    "Probably. There is no such thing as a secret in a town like this."

    "I'm surprised he hasn't ditched work with some of his drinkin' pals and come up here to shoot down the courthouse."

    That was one blessing at least. With their whole family name being pretty much mud anyways due to having the town's most infamous drunk as dad, they didn't need any more antics piling onto it that made them want to pull a bag over their heads every time they went out in public. Old Mr Baker, the big bad boss of the logging company, probably had all the guys over there on a pretty tight leash ...
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  5. Elizabe-Elix, as she was now known as, was arguing with her father. "I'll be fine, dad. It's not like she's dangerous or something." Max let out a short breath in frustration. "You haven't seen her for how many years? That's right, ten! She could be totally different now. She could hurt you." His logic was flawed, but he had to do something without blowing the family's secrets wide open. Hunters in his generation, they were a troubled bunch. They weren't exactly great on spilling the beans, and almost every time their children learned the occupation they had, going back generations, the child would almost always suffer a nervous breakdown. Why? He had no idea. He just knew that it had happened to him, his father, his father's father and so on. The fact was, that through their history, the hunters were all male. Every baby was a boy, and every boy turned into a hunter. Frankly, he didn't really know if the breakdown would happen to Elizabeth too. In the past, his family regarded women as housewives and men as the ones who went out and provided for their family. But Max didn't really believe in all that mumbo jumbo. He didn't care what gender someone was, only that they were treated with kindness. So, no matter how much his father made a fuss about Elizabeth becoming a hunter, he didn't care. He wanted her to be able to tell her kids of how she saved the town. But on the other hand, he didn't want her to suffer the same things him and his father had. So, he was kind of torn. Plus, he had no idea why their genetics had taken a turn, instead of a boy popping out a baby girl. He was confused, and distraught, and frankly scared. He didn't want anything to happen to her, so he didn't say anything about hunters, or werewolves, or any of that. Maybe he was protecting her, maybe he was protecting himself. The lines were blurred right now. "You're not going to see her. I forbid you." He told his daughter. "That's so unfair! I haven't seen her in how many years and now you're forbidding me?" She scoffed. "Well, I don't care about your 'forbidding'." She turned, grabbed her bag from where it was resting on the couch, and stormed out the door. She slammed it, causing Max to groan. He didn't even know if Missy was one of them or not, but she had spent so long in those woods. Even if she wasn't, who's to say she's not a potential hazard to everyone else? He grabbed his own bag, and chased after her. Elix was heading for the town hall. Elix had hung out with her and Val when they were young, and had gotten to know the two quite well. Val and Elix had drifted away, due to school and the loss of Missy, but who knows? Maybe Missy coming back will re-ignite their friendship again. Maybe. She hoped so. She got to the courthouse, pushing through the group of people and looking for Valerie. The two hadn't spoken in forever, but she really needed to talk. She knew how much Missy had meant to Valerie, and Elix had cared about the two very much. Even though it had been years, she still trusted Missy, and Valerie. No matter how much the two had changed.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Valerie wasn't alone for long, as Elix entered the scene. Valerie, Elix and Missy had been great friends when they were younger, they did everything together! They'd even celebrated their birthdays together (although they weren't on the same day). There parents had been pretty good friends although it was mainly out of courteous and not true friendship. The point was that they had been like the freaking three musketeers and then when Missy left, they had just stopped hanging out. It was mainly because they were six years old and there parent's fear for their safety went in overdrive. Valerie's parents had kept her inside nearly 24/7 and Elix's dad...Well Valerie wasn't sure about what he'd done, but he'd seemed to keep Elix under close supervision.

    When they'd grown into their older childhood years, Elix and Valerie had had the chance to rekindle their friendship but they were different at that point. So different that they couldn't find common ground and drifted apart forever.

    But now it looked like they might reunite.

    "Elix. Hey." Valerie blurted out, unable to think of anything else to say except, "This is fucking crazy isn't? I mean Missy! Back from the dea--Forest."

  7. [​IMG]
    Beckett Livingston exited the courthouse with a mission. Well, not really a mission, more like a swirling ball of dread in the pit of his stomach. The return of Missy was spectacular. Awesome really. But odd. The forest was, according to his ancestors, filled with wolves. There was no way that the girl could be completely...Pure. And although a part of Beckett wanted Missy to just be human and completely fine, he wanted to make sure. He needed to consult with some other hunters to figure out what to do next. It's not as though they could outright question the girl as she couldn't speak proper English yet, but they could at least form some sort of neighborhood watch or temporary council.

    Hunters were solitary folk, but occasionally, even they needed guidance and support from each other.

    Entering J ROWLE & ASSOCIATES QUALITY FIREARM SUPPLY, Beckett approached the front desk with a friendly smile. "'Morning boys, " He said to both the Rowle brothers. "I was just taking a break from the meeting and wanted to talk to your father about something, do you have any idea where he might be?"

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    The Rowle brothers eventually faded back into silence due to the solemnity of the situation. They both had known Missy Alexander prior to her disappearance, but neither were particularly interested in poking their heads in further after the subject of 'Dad' had been answered. Mostly this was because their father, Lucan, was not only a bad-tempered old drunk due to his stiff leg, but one of the most superstitious individuals in the town. To say that he merely believed the old legends regarding Silver Town was a gross understatement. He lived and breathed them in as though the damn things were the gospel truth. Even today, though he had been working at the logging company for almost 15 years, he still adorned himself in silver and recited 'The Lord's Prayer' before going anywhere near those woods. Yep, the epitome of insanity as far as Jake and Derrick were concerned!

    So when Doc Livingston stepped in through their door around lunchtime asking after their father, both of them couldn't resist exchanging raised eyebrow glances. Derrick was the first to recover and shot the older guy a cheeky grin.

    "What's up, Doc? Fun day at court?"

    Jacob shot his brother a reproachful look and then tipped his head towards the doctor respectfully.

    "I believe Mr. Baker called him in to help finish a land clearing project they started a few days ago on the north side of town. I was just getting ready to send Derrick here up there with his lunch as a matter of fact."

    "Why me?"

    "It's either that or you can get to work mopping the floor back here like you were supposed to do two days ago."

    Derrick groaned, but hopped up from the ledge of the window nonetheless. Thrusting his magazine into his back pocket, he went over to the encounter to accept the bag from Jake before looking over towards Dr. Livingston once again.

    "He should be on break by the time we get there, so you can tag along with me if you want."
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  9. Elix smiled at Valerie. The last time they had talked was sixth grade. Valerie had risen through the ranks of middle and eventually, high school. She had become the one girl all girls wanted to become, the one who got the guys and adoration and popularity from the others of ths school. With Valerie's newfound friends, Elix had drifted away without another thought to the matter. In fact, she had still been Elizabeth back then. The soft-spoken, sweet girl who tried to do what she could for others. But losing Missy, and then Val, the girl had had enough. She changed her attitude, looks and friends, demanding that no one soul refer to her birth name. Elix was who she was, sarcastic, brave and scared of no one. Nobody could ignore her this way, she wouldn't allow herself to drift off into the background or become just another wallflower. She had changed herself, but not always for the better. This way, she would be noticed instead of left behind one way or another. Truth was, even though it wasn't her real personality, over time she adopted it and her values and aspirations all changed. If anyone ever saw through her facade, they would see the eleven-year old girl scared of being hurt just peeking through an Sixteen-year old's eyes.
    Elix smiled at Valerie, giggling a bit at the girl's correction. "Yeah, It is. Back then, I thought for sure she was a goner, to be blunt. I hoped she would be okay, but to survive for all that time, alone, in the woods?" She scoffed softly. "Hard to even think about how she did it." She glanced at the courthouse's members that were basically pushing to see Missy. It was like she had become a celebrity and all the paparazzi were outside to take pictures. Heck, some of them even did have cameras. In a small town like this, though, she wasn't very surprised. Gossip spreads faster in this town than a wildfire on a windy day. "Are you waiting to see her?" She asked Val. "I wonder if she even remembers us." She murmured, trying to peer in through the windows of the courthouse.

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  10. Kira Winchester, a long ago former classmate to Missy Alexander, the girl who disappeared without a trace, and current, rather invisible, classmate to both Elix and Valerie, sat in her reading loft in her room. Her parents had asked her if she had wanted to go with them to the courthouse, but Kira had declined. There would be way too many people there. And from what she read and observed of wild animals, if Missy had ben living in the woods, and if the rumor was true of her being 'feral', the poor girl would possiblyhave the mentality of a wild animal. And now they have the girl cornered and poked and prodded at. Kira did not want to be there when Missy snapped, when all hell broke loose. Nope, sorry. It was safer, and quite frankly, more interesting in the book she had been reading for the past week.

    But it had been an hour, mayby several. She lost track of time when she read. She checked her phone. Three hours had passed. And her book was finished. She flopped back onto the pile of pillows and sighed. It wouldn't be at least another month before the next book was released. She had no other books to read. Actually, she had several bookcases full, but she had read them all at least three times. She decided to go for a hike.
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