We're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

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    • "A̷̝͆̈͜͜͠n̴̤̩͒͋̃͜ḋ̴͚̦̮͋̈́ ̴̫̖̳̀́̔t̸̤͍̳̎͛͠ḧ̶̠͉̦́̕͝e̷̢͖͓͑͌͠m̸̤̮̍̌͜͠.̴̘̭͚͑̉́.̵̨͖̺̈̊̇.̴̛͓̫̫̈́̽ ̷̲͇̝̆͋͝y̸̗̠̖͒̔̀ḙ̵͖̱͑͛̕s̵̢̨̥̐̎̉.̵̨̧͉͆̌̈.̴͕͔͓̽͋̏ ̷̩͇̞́̐͘ÿ̸̯̠̜́͂̀è̵̮̩̅̈ͅs̴̢͓̹̿̽̕.̷̨̤̦̅̾̈ ̶̤̤͎̊̌̋t̷̡̤̞͑̍̌h̵̭̞̼̋̓͊e̵̡̖̮̋̋̎ḿ̴̡͕̻̐̍.̵̥͕̼̈́̂̕ ̴̛̘͙͈̉͌Ó̷͇̳̯͛͐n̵͇͕̪̈́̉͐ë̷̮̙͈́̾͐,̴̖̻͙͆̄͂ ̴̛̠͇̟̊̊w̷̢̯͕̽̂̃h̶̨̟̏̈́̋ͅo̸̯̼̥͋̒͛ ̴̝̯̹̓̄͘w̷̹̫̜͗̄͂ḭ̸̫̺̓̕͠l̴͔̞̹̓͐̓;̸̦̺̟̿̃̃'̶̳̻̪̔̀̀ ̸̨̥̦̀̾̈́b̷̲̻̻̎̏́ê̷͎̫̮̎͌ ̸̙̤̮͛̆̅w̷̼̲̪̑̄̌h̷̡͚̦͊̋̚ö̷͕͖̹́͗͘m̸̤̣͈͌͂̌.̷̬͇̫̒̋͘ ̵͔͚̟̽̎̒f̶͖͓͓̀̈̄l̷͓̎͒͒͜͜ę̴̭̭͊̅͌s̴͈̯̳͂̊̀h̷̥̤̬̾̌͗ ̶̟̮̺̊͑͐c̸̻̬͕͑̍͠ơ̶̹͎̫͘̚ṉ̶̢͔̓̈̌s̷̪͇̣̀̈̀u̵̜̮̯͌̈́͝m̶̡̮̫̊̌͝n̴̖͓̞̋̆̔á̵̜̠͍̉͐t̸̟̝̻̿̔̋ę̷̝͔̉̏͘.̸̛̮̳̀͒͜"

      You hear a voice calling from afar, bringing you back to the world of the living.

      "Ah, good, you're awake!" a metallic voice reverberates from ear to ear.

      Your eyes attempt to adjust to the harsh sunlight bearing through your visor. As the blurry delusion begin to fade, you make out a face with his mouth disassociated from the sound that you hear.

      "Feeling a bit worse for wear are we?" You shift your eyes from left to right as the sourceless voice continues probing your thoughts.

      Rapid images of people flash intermittently throughout your mind, most of which go by too quickly for you to properly take in.

      "Oh, you've seem to have gotten yourself into quite the predicament sir, or madam. Can't quite tell with all that shrapnel lodged in your body." The dissociated figure above you grasps at a length of corrugated sheet metal in your abdomen, and yanks it out. You convulse then black out.

      You awaken in a dimly lit room with your body laid out on a sterile medical bed. The room is coated with sky blue paint with marble tiles lining the lower length of the walls and floor. Two tables lay at your sides, just within reach.

      "The object to your left is a clipboard with a couple of questions I need you to answer before I send you off. You know, identification and such." the disembodied voice continues as you shift your head to the right. "On your right is a needle filled with morphine, feel free to use it when your done."

      You pick up the clipboard, and examine its contents, you notice that there are 6 other pages filled with information and skip past them, writing on the last one...

    • The general rules for RP ensue.

      1. No god-modding, its a given.
      2. No hijacking other characters unless given explicit permission.
      3. Feel free to come to me with any ideas for the town.
      4. The posts are on a two-week timeframe, for pacing. Do try to keep to it.
      5. Everyone can die, so don't try to jump into something that'll kill us all.

    • There are a maximum of 7 playable main characters for the Settlement, each one corresponding to the letter of the word S.P.E.C.I.A.L.


      These characters are the survivors of the crash, and have their own story for being there.

      However, if you wish to throw plot armor to the wind you may do so, choosing to have a non-protected character. These tend to die much more easily if caution is not given.

      And the sheet goes as follows.



      (An image is preferred)

      Skills: (2 Major, one Minor)

      • A complete bio isn't necessary, as it will be placed upon a show, don't tell basis. All we need is a description of what you originate from.

      I.e., Dweller, Settler, Wastelander.

      Inventory -
      • One Tool
      And up to (3) other items.

    Alright guys, we can put up our CS's here, I'll place mine up in a bit after I do a bit more fleshing out on WHERE exactly we are.
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  1. Charisma

    Name: Alex


    Character Image (open)

    Skills: (I literally have no clue what you mean by Major and Minor, since the only things that I could think of are the perks for the Minor Skills and the 'skills' for the Major Skills)
    Small Guns, Speech
    Lady Killer

    Born and raised under a wealthy trader family from San Francisco, Alex learned the art of the deal, haggling, and eventually talking his way out of many slippery spots. Within months, however, he was forced to deal with thugs using violence one day, so he took up practicing with his father's firearm, a Desert Eagle chambered for 44 caliber. With a suit and his gun, he left to seek his own employment, not to be under his father's wing. He hasn't heard from his parents since.



    Tool: Wire Cutter

    1x Desert Eagle .44, 85x .44 caliber bullets
    2x Mentats
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  2. Agility

    Name: Winter Li
    Age: 28

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: Big Leagues, Blitz,

    • Born in Vault 23, Winter's time as a Dweller was limited to seven years after birth when their community was infiltrated, paving the way for Raiders to come in and do as they please. From then on she was a slave until her escape. Her time from being with Raiders has left her with a chem addiction and a heart so bent it could never break.

    Dweller/ Scavenger

    Inventory -
    • Antique Chinese Officer Sword
    Stealth Boy x2

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  3. Perception

    Name: Tycho Merax (current alias)

    Age: 137

    Tycho (open)

    Sniper- Major
    Demolitions Expert- Major
    Chemist- Minor

    Bio: Tycho is a mercenary who has wandered far and wide, occasionally changing his name to avoid building a reputation. Originally hailing from Sin-Sin 80 (Cincinnati, Ohio), he was part of a clan of wandering scavengers. After being captured by raiders, he was thrown into an irradiated, feral ghoul-filled pit and left to die. After escaping, he found the raiders had killed his entire clan and that he was changed. After waging a successful one man guerrilla campaign against the raiders, he turned to mercenary work. He has occasionally tried to settle, only to fail at that and return to the life of a wandering mercenary, the only thing he's truly good at.

    Tool: Tripwire
    .308 Sniper Rifle, x12 rounds
    Trench Knife
    Orange Mentats
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  4. Same. I'll have to reserve my post until I can get to my personal computer.
  5. Just one question: I am currently under the assumption that this RP will be following non-canonical events, am I right to think that?
  6. Indeed you are.

    There will be some clear cut canon events that will happen around us, but other then that, the story lays upon you to be made.

    You can always consult me for any Quest-heavy events so we can set that up, otherwise I'm sure we can make it up as we go. After all, our settlement can be in the middle of a city of hungry ghouls or Sooper Dooper Greenies.

    It's all in the mind.
  7. CS Posted.
  8. Edited my CS.
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  9. Luck

    Name: ???
    Nickname: Tool
    Age: 17

    by tincek-marincek


    Major - Lockpicking, Repair
    Minor - Sneak

    Tool keeps his past close to his chest, but no one could oversee the branding on his back that - to everyone who heard about them - marks him as a Bloodthorn raider. A few years back they were infamous for brutally terrorizing the people of the New California Republic, up until the NCR put the boot to them. According to the official statement these days, they worked for Caesar's Legion.
    What one so young could have to do with the Bloodthorns is anyone's guess.

    - Pristine set of lockpicks
    - Combat knife
    - Dogtags (incognizably damaged)

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  10. Intelligence
    Name: Ivory Crux

    Age: 26

    Skills: Hacker, Robotics Expert-Major

    • Having been born to a party of settled scavengers, Crux was raised in the looted remnants of Vault 52. Having been born to a pair of prospectors who often bartered their findings, Crux originally intended to take after them and become a trader. However, the group discovered her poor barter skills were matched only by her exceptional gift at electronics. She was content with helping the band of prospectors get through security to reach more goodies for years until her father passed away due to natural causes, and while her mother mourned Crux realized she only had so long until age caught up with her like her old man. With a burning desire to see and experience as much as she could, Crux set out on her own with encouraging words from her friends and mother, now with an unrivaled thirst for life. So far she's been able to travel far and wide through the use of hacked robots and re purposed electronics.


    Inventory - Blowtorch
    • Laser Pistol
    • Blood Pack
    • Nuka Cherry
  11. @Spoopy
    So how does the Major Minor skills work?
  12. You essentially choose two Skills that your character is very good at. Giving him/her a large bonus in tasks that involve given skill, while minor skills are the same thing to a lower extent.
  13. ie, My character is really good at sniping and using bombs/grenades/things that go boom, and okay at making drugs/bombs.
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  14. @Spoopy Oh I thought it would be based on attribute.

    Edit: I guess, what I really mean, is what's the point of choosing an attribute?

    I thought that we were going to be confined in our major skills, to what attribute we are, and then a minor skill can be from any attribute. I propose this, in place of just randomly choosing perks and abilities. That's just me though.
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