Welp... This is awkward. ._.

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  1. Haii durr! I'm totally trying not to embarrass myself here. -Blink, blink.- So.... Here's for the best.

    I'm Tak! I wish I'd known my name could've been spaced; it'd be easier to understand. x3 Uhm... I'm 15 (Yey youth!), live in 'Murrica, and... Wanted to get back into the world of roleplay. I came from an old chat site that got shut down and I felt... Empty. Years later, here I am, embarrassed and trying again.

    Well... I hope that... Did the trick?
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. Aww.. Don't worry this could be another home for you xD.

    Welcome here and enjoy your stay.* offers Oreo biscuits *
  4. -Cheers.- Yes! I didn't get embarrassed! Thank you! ^^"
  5. x3 Thank you. I think my Morale boosted 100% since I first joined. -Humbly accepts the offer with a bright smile.-
  6. He he I know the feeling xD
    Smiles brightly.. Just lurk around :). Best RP's .. Hmm into Jump in Section.
  7. -Slips on a cape and begins to head off into the works of Iwaku.- I will! Thanks again! ^^"
  8. Well hi newcomer, I'm HollowEastword, welcome to Iwaku.
    -gives choc chip cookie-
  9. -I chuckle softly and take the cookie.- Why thank you. I'm Tak... -Blinks.- I think you already knew that, though. I'm feeling really welcome here. :3
  10. You should do or you'll loose great things/stories otherwise ^^

    You're welcome ;)
  11. And if you ever need a friend or want to know something we are all here *hugs*
  12. -Returns the hug.- Okie dokie! ^^"
  13. Hallo Tak! Welcome to the site!
  14. Welcome to the forum, Talking TexMex food.
  15. Welcome, homie! There's plenty of cool folks here to play with so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.
  16. Hello! Hope you find your nitch.
  17. Hello Tak, welcome to Iwaku. Hope you are enjoying yourself so far.
  18. Just so you know, if you go into the tab in the right hand corner, the one with your name, and click on 'Personal Details' right under your avatar, then go down to 'Settings' on the left panel, there's an option called 'User Name Change' where you can change your handle to have spaces in it, if you so please.

    Also, welcome to Iwaku!
  19. Thank you sooooooo much! x3 But now I think I'm coming to accept it a little more. I dunno... Would spaces make it look better or worse? Hm... @_@