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  1. Don't really know what I should be telling you all. I'm poking about here in hopes to find someone who likes my tastes and handles.. Its difficult to find good partners now days.

    To be honest about it all, I enjoy Yaoi rps. Whether they are soft - violent - sexually. Whatever the story behind it may be.
    I also like Yuri to a point..
    Yet, I bounce around in the normal ranges of RP also.

    So, let us thread?

    I'm assuming its okay for me to go ahead and toss one out to the fishes..
  2. No worries. Our mature section can totally handle your tastes!
    Just go to the signup/requests section of our mature forums and send out some ideas you may have or if you have a plot you are developing and want to toss out there; go ahead and start up your own RP! :)

    And be sure to travel around and see the other RPs in our SciFi/Jumpin/Fantasy/Modern too!! Look forward to seeing what you write!!
  3. QuLuss.../wiggly eyebrow movement