INTEREST CHECK Well would you look at that. Another roleplay idea, this time comedy

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I was wondering if anybody would be interested in playing a roleplay that is an outrageous and hyperbole of a soap opera? Was thinking about making it a jump in thread.
That. Is. Magnificent. You have my approval. A jump in might be best though so people can go in/out as needed without too much dedication.
Awesome, I'll probably get working on the first post for the jump in thread then. Figure if anything the two of us could get things started unlesa you want to wait on a few mpre players.
Dude, feel free to. This roleplay is meant to be ridiculous. All the drama that is to occurred all started with a missing kitten. How love triangles would form or lawsuits to be made could come from a missing kitten, well I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with. Anything you been wanting to make fun of Soap Operas about, mind as well be hyperbole. xD
Lulz. And posted. Beatrice, be a tricks? XD
Lulz. And posted. Beatrice, be a tricks? XD

I like it! xD Tristan responded, and he is not a happy camper. *shakes head*

And to those who take an interest in the thread, feel free to jump in at anytime. The Glorious and the Infamous is the day time soap opeara that everybody has been talking about. XD
Ah man. I'm watching some old soaps on youtube. It's hilarious.
Ah man. I'm watching some old soaps on youtube. It's hilarious.

Mexican soap operas take the cake. Regardless if not being able to understand the language, some of the scenes are just down right hilarious. My friend and I was watching this one Mexican soap opera where this rather large nun eas trying hide from this farmer under the head mistress's desk. On top of that there was this one soap opera where they would go back and forth from showing this little girl residing in the same bed as this female angel. It was quite suggestive to say the least.

What soaps are you watching on youtube? Seems like there is a gold mine for material to work with. xD
Man. I need to do that. I love nuns *laughs* (don't ask I find them hilarious for some reason).

Right now bits of days of our lives. A bit of murder she wrote. I keep trying to find this soap opera that had magic in it. There was this weird little kid. I thought it was called supernatural but that seems to be wrong.

edit: I need to pop off to bed but I'll definetly be popping in again.
Hmm, a soap opera with magic? *eyes gleam* How very interesting. I don't think I heard of a soap like that. Days of our lives just sounds like it would have tons of material to use from. I'll probably will be watching some General Hospital so to make fun of it. I mean if the title is General Hospital you would think it had something to deal with a hospital but no, deals with rival familiaes and businesses. Only time a hospital is mentioned is if someone is in a comma or is on their death bed but miraculous is cured in the next arch. The hospital is just there to be there and give a reason for the title it seems. Oh boy, I really hope this rp picks up. I'm retiring for thr night and to give a bit more time for others to jump in.
Hey look at that! Comedy! I'll be checkin' it out sooonish!
Awww guys this thread rocks. You've made yourselves another regular here.
I don't watch soaps. But I remember a couple of mexican ones.... I can't remember the name, I think the opera was called Marimar. Not sure. The main star was Thalia, a singer. I'm pretty sure that soap was mexican and had magic in it, for your gleaming eyes guys.

Also, a pity you don't understand those videos. Some hispanic soaps just can't get any cheesier. If you need any translations, just ask.
Sweet. It'll be awesome to have you along. I love how completely outrageous all of our characters act (although my present character is dead . . . or is she?!). And it will be interesting to see where this all ends up *laughs*.
Awesome, another cast member :) Welcome aboard, the network has been looking for a young promising star xD

I don't think Tristan is ever going to calm down at this rate. But will the plot thicken as it is revealed that Beatrice is not really dead? Will Tristan find out who really took Fluffydoodles? Will there be a courtroom scene? Stay tune until nezt time on The Glorious and the Infamous. Wait is there magic in the future?
Is there love in the furture? Preferrably of some geometric shape, say, triangles or squares?
Will stay tuned!
Is said love geometric shape some sort of polygon or is it a trapezoid?

"This is the best soap out there! A must see!"-says Some Newspaper Article

"Thumbs up in my book!"- says some journalist guy. . . or gal

"5 Stars!"- says our very own network
Will Tristan accept Betina's condition?
Will he allow himself such humilliation in order to know about his lost kitten?
Will Mr Brown wear something else than his leopard swimsuit?

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