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  1. As you probably seen in the New Arrivals & Departures section, I'm a bit... new to the site. Actually, I'm new to forum role plays. I'll do it anyways though. This means I have no idea where to post when we get our ideas settled.

    That said, this thread it mainly 1x1 requests through forum, Private Messaging, or simply those instant chat thingies (which I haven't seen yet.)
    So right now, this is mainly a test. I remember another roleplaying forum site, and they gave all their ideas in one thread, so I think I might do that (even though I never joined it xD)

    I like:

    Romance - not a lot tho

    MC = my character ||||| YC = your character ||||| EC = either character ||||| OC = other character (not original character, jeez.)

    Le idea one
    (so I do have a weebly, and since I created it for the last site I was on, it never got used, so I might just steal some ideas... from... there.. haaa)
    EC sees nothing but the soothing colors of blackness. Falling gently, he/she closes his eyes and tries to imagine what it was like as a god from up above. He/She was originally a god watching over the humans peacefully, however that all changed when s/he was falsely accused of murdering a innocent human. Thus thrown into the void of darkness, s/he decided it was fate that they'd been thrown down here. Suddenly a bright light shown down into the void, revealing endless walls of nothingness. The light engulfed the void, and s/he was blinded by the light, knowing they were in a bright room full of things as radiant as could be! Then, they felt pressure on their back as if rapidly falling to their demise. S/He opened their eyes, and saw that they were about to impact on land, and meet their death - and to top it off - in a densely packed forest! Luckily, s/he felt some of their godly powers remaining in their body as they tried to slow down themselves from the impact, but the effort did not help as they crashed into the ground. A loud sound echoed through the forest, and even into the nearby town. It even caused a crater to be indented into the soil!
    The OC hears the painfully loud sound in the forest while they were working, and was easily distracted. Putting down their tools, s/he was drawn to the sound, and made their way up to the forest to check out what the sound was. What they found, however, was something they didn't expect!
    ( Le godly character shouldn't have MUCH knowledge about the human world, nor should they have too much of their previous godly powers. -trying to not make a god mod out of someone here!- )

    le idea two
    (this one is something I thought of as I started reading my manga. )
    A young boy/girl who has always been thought of as a hardcore otaku is either bullied or excluded by the others in his high school classes. The OC has their doubts on them being an otaku, but still does not interact with them. The OC is a single student who has a younger brother (or sister), and is forced to take care of him/her. One day, s/he forgot his/her brother/sister at school, and was rushing to get out of the house when the doorbell rang.
    Someone who had brought this brother/sister to the house resembled the otaku in class in many ways - especially his facial look - except they had tattoos and piercings which schools normally wouldn't allow. As soon as they find out their other sides apart from school, they shall work to keep it a secret!

    (will update more
    brain is tired)
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  2. The second idea sounds pretty cool to me, reminds me of Horimiya a bit. Not sure if that's the manga you were reading though, but I would totally be up for doing something like that.
  3. itwastotallytheoneiread

    Okay. -u- Lettuce take this to PMS!
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