Well, this is embarassing

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  1. So, I created an account couple of months ago and totally forgot about it until now... *awkward silence
    Anyway, hello everyone. The name's Void. Why Void? Well, I didn't have any idea for username when I created it, hence it goes. Some creativity, eh? It's my first time ever roleplaying. If you have any tips or roleplay that I can join directly, I thank you for that. Nice to meet you all!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Void :) Or welcome back haha

    I was also new to roleplaying when I started here, and for me the easiest way to start was to find something interesting in the jump in section and do some roleplays there while getting used to the site. It's just to jump in and start writing immediately. No signups required ^^

    One x one roleplays are also a pretty good way to start if you want a more personal relationship with your partners. Just go to the general partner search section and see if you can find anything interesting, or make your own partner searching thread :)
  3. Nice to meet you as well , Void :) ! Welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay ^ ^
  4. Welcome to the site, Void! We're all really friendly and I hope you get settled in :)
  5. Welcome back Void. >:3 Maybe now we can keep your attention? 8D