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  1. To create a well-rounded character, it helps to imagine them in different situations, and figure out how they'd respond and why.

    In this exercise, write a scene/post where someone has just been very rude to your character, for example:
    • "Shouldering" past them while walking
    • Snapping/whistling for their attention
    • Closing a door on their nose
    Whether your character knows this person, whether your character did something to annoy them first, what the rude thing was, is all totally up to you.

    Try to think about:
    • Is my character the type who wants immediate retribution?
    • How forgiving is my character in this situation?
    • Would my character empathize with the rude person to understand their actions?
    • Are my character's feelings hurt?
    • How do they make themselves feel better?
  2. Harvey "Smith" Daniels, Weapons Acquisition for the Inquisition

    Suddenly, he was pushed aside - shouldered by a passerby in the walkway.
    Harvey scoffed, and kept walking. He had more important things to worry about right now. Irons in the fire, so to speak.
    Besides, he knew that idiot's locker combination.

    Harvey heard someone calling his name from behind him. "In a minute!" he shouted, trying to finish piecing together the triggering mechanism for his latest order.
    The woman began to whistle at him. Harvey rolled his eyes and turned around.
    "Oi! Everyone's got'da wait their turn, eh?" He turned back to his work. "You can wait a bluddy <expletive> minute."

    There were many things Harvey would put up with. Being ignored, being pushed aside by accident, being whistled at. . . Harvey could understand these things.
    It's not like his nose hurt or anything - it had been broken so many times that he's pretty sure he has no nerve endings in it left. The indignity, though? Unacceptable.
    Nobody closes a door in his face.
    He immediately headbutted the door, shattering it in its center and pushing the rest to the ground, the bolts that held it together flying about.
    "Oi. I was walkin' der."
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  3. Imagining this made me literally laugh out loud xD
  4. First time doing this, so from the sounds of it, we just go for it?


    Sai easily walked through most of the crowd on the sidewalk while her attention was focused on her phone. These people have a boring existence and she felt as if she could already tell what they were going to do and where they'd move. Most just moved out of the way, the no goal and no confidence type people they are. She was so focused on a email that had good news that she didn't move in time as one person hit her hard with their shoulder. She immediately looked up in outrage, her mouth open in shock. She spun around to address the person who dared to just bump her and not apologize.

    "Do you not see me? At least a 'sorry' would have been appropriate," she said to the retreating back. She scoffed, "Unbelievable!" The unsophisticated roughians in this town is why she could not wait to get out of there. She needed to go where there are more sophisticated people like herself. "Just rude."

    Much later when she got farther down the street, she heard someone whistle. Wait a moment, were they whistling at her? She turned, ready to tell someone off when she noticed who it was. Some construction guys across the street, doing their stereotypical hooting. She offered them a slight smile, "You know, that is going to get the reaction you're wanting," she stated, as if it were obvious. But she still felt flattered. Hey, she was a woman, she doesn't mind be appreciated once in a while.

    And when she finally reached her destination, she gave a sign of relief. "Thank God," she muttered heading towards the building. She saw that someone was heading in and it seemed like they were delaying their entrance so she could get in. She smiled and was about to thank them when the door shut in front of her. She froze. "Oh no they-" she was steaming. That was hit. She let herself in, the door flying open. She was going to find that person and give them a piece of her mind. She was not going to be treated like this. She was top of her class, chosen for an assignment, and she deserved more respect than she was getting. No more miss nice girl.
  5. Anastasia was walking through Domino City, whn she wa ssudden;y rud;ley pushed aside by Seto kaiba. Of all the nerve... Anastasia Thought, and had it in he rright mind to go and push him back. I swear to god i'll wipe that cheeky grin off that basterds face.. An angry Anastasia was not something you'd want to see. There were some things Anastasia would allow to happen but Kaiba doing somthing like this was not one of them. "HEY JERK!!" she yelled

    Kaiba howeve rjus tkept walking. Anastasia finally had had enough, and yelled "BROOKLYN RAGE!!" punching him to thee ground, walking off herself, stopping only for a second to speak to Kaiba, "Some things never change... A rose is a Rose and a rude Asshole is still a Rude Asshole.." She threw a rose behind her, walking off.
  6. I've never done one of these, so here goes:

    "Michael, please report to the Infectious Diseases ward ASAP!" The voice over the Intercom said. Michael began running down the hall as fast as he could. He wasn't looking when a doctor pulled out a stretcher in front of him. Michael slammed into the doctor.
    "I am so sorry!" The doctor said rubbing his head. "I didn't see you!"
    Michael could tell the Doctor was lying. Michael could see through humans. He was an Archangel. This doctor always had it out for Michael. doing everything to ruin his life. Michael stood up, brushed his lab coat off, and smiled. "It's ok. We all make mistakes." He began his run again. the doctor ran over Michael's foot with the wheels.
    "I am so sorry yet again!" The doctor said giving a small smile that just dripped malice. Michael smiled back at him. Angels weren't supposed to hurt humans, but this guy was just cruisin' for a bruisin'. Michael wanted to call his sword from heaven, and smite this man, but he continued smiling, and walked off. Well, limped off to the Infectious Diseases Ward.
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  7. Every day he walked down the same hallway to go to the same class. Every day the jocks passed him bumping into him so hard that he dropped his books and scattered his papers. Every day he just picked them up and kept walking on to class as they called him a freak of nature. That is, every day except for today.

    He’d had enough of their bullying. He dressed in baggy black clothes because they were comfortable and black was his favorite color. He kept his hair long so it could hide the black eyes his father would give him. He wore long sleeves so they couldn’t see the cigar burn scars and cuts and bruises. He hid constantly.

    Today would be different. The warning bell rang and he walked down the hallway again. He saw them coming but this time he didn’t have books in his hands. One of the jocks bumped into his shoulder and he was ready for it. Instead of trying not to fall, he followed it through, grabbing the back of the jock’s head and slamming his face into the wall so hard he broke his nose. The other he grabbed by the neck and backed him up to the wall. His green gaze stared into the jock’s brown eyes as he squeezed the arteries that let blood flow to his brain. He didn’t let go until the boy’s face turned purple.

    Stepping back, he smoothed out his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. “Don’t <expletive> with me anymore. Got it?” The boy’s looked up at him in shock as he merely turned away and walked to class like nothing happened.
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  8. Wish walked down the street like any other day, head forward, shoulders back, with a look of ultimate seriousness on her face. She knew the cat call was coming when she saw the guy leaning on the wall of a building, "Hey girl, why don't you smile a bit for me." He whistled, smirking.
    Wish took a lot of crap. She was fairly nice to strangers, but unfortunately had a bad temper and fortunately, spent a good amount of time at the gym. But cat calling is where she drew the line. The female turned quickly on her heels, waltzed right up to the man and threw a good, solid punch to his temple, watching in amusement as he fell to his knees, groaning, "You really shouldn't say that to a lady, you never know if she's gonna knock the day light outta you." The German scowled and stalked off, continuing on her way like she hadn't possibly given a man a concussion.
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