"We'll make it into a reality" || A Jrock/Visual Kei band RP OOC // OPEN

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  1. "We'll make it into a reality"
    { A Jrock / Visual Kei band roleplay }
    {OOC thread}


    //Plot isn't fully developed. If you have any ideas, please do share them//

    The strums of the guitars, the heat from the stage, the sounds of their music reaching their fans and to be recognized, that's what they've been yearning for since they formed the band. They promised each other on the day the band was formed, they would make a name for themselves and share their music to the world.

    (Band name)*** is a group of high school boys with an absurd dream that they'll be successful artists one day. With the cost of livelihood increasing day by day, one would say that a music career would not be able to support ones self but they'll prove them wrong. With the hardships of school, family, their relationships and most importantly; band practices, how will they overcome the obstacles that's in their way as they journey towards their band goal?

    ***I've not decided a name for the band

    The setting of this roleplay will be in Tokyo, Japan. The band is already formed and they are currently in the middle of their school term. The characters can be from the same school or different school.

    • All Iwaku rules apply.
    • Maximum two characters per person.
    • No controlling other characters unless given permission to do so.
    • Please wait for others to post, do not continuously post back and forth between you and one person.
    • PLEASE be committed to this, if you're going to be gone for awhile, please inform us in the OOC thread here or PM me.
    • A PM will be sent if you're gone for a week without posting.
    • TBA

    Available positions:
    • Lead guitarist
    • Rhythm guitarist
    • Bassist
    • Vocalist
    • Drummer
    • Manager

    Character sheet

    Age: (16~18)
    Position in band: ( Lead guitarist, Rhythm guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist, Drummer, Manager)
    Appearance: (Anime pictures only + description)
    Personality: (min 1 paragraph)
    Brief past: (min 1 paragraph)
    Inspirations/Idols/Who they look up to:
    How he got to know the band/Got into the band: (Use your imagination for this one)
    Others: [Theme song, hobbies, etc]

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  2. Characters // Members

    Name//Age//Lead Guitarist [RESERVED]
    Name//Age//Rhythm Guitarist
    Matsuda Shinya//17//Bassist

    Name//Age//Vocalist [RESERVED]

    Current Events

    Middle of school term.

    Band Practice Schedule

    Every Wednesday and Friday, after school @ 4:00pm
    Every Saturday @ 3:oopm

    Meet up @ train station

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  3. -WIP-

    Matsuda Shinya
    [Last, first]

    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Position in band:
    Bassist / Founder
    Shinya has messy black hair and dark brown eyes. Whenever he's at home or at his part time job, he wears his glasses. He uses contact lens in school. He stands at 1.75m and has an average build. When he's out of school, he likes wearing bracelets on his wrists. Most of the time, he has a scowl on his face, making him look angry and have a scary aura.

    Since he was a kid, he has always been a hardworking child. He tends to overwork himself sometimes. The band is like his baby and second family. He considers himself a mature and serious person although he can have his stupid moments at times. Although he seems smart, he isn't really smart student, academic wise, he's in the last class. He's sometimes mistaken for a grumpy person because of the scowl on his face. He has a short temper and gets angry easily. He also gets stressed easily. He doesn't know how to calm down and gets often told, "Chillax" or "Relax, Shinya/Matsuda".

    Brief past
    When he was a young boy, he was always told that he had to work hard in order for his dreams to come true. As he grew older, his found out what he wanted to do, he wanted to form a band and make music. He was inspired after seeing many of his favourite bands live in concert. His parents are totally supportive of him although they doubt that he can make it. He grew up with a younger sister who is currently in Junior high. He works part time at a convenience store to earn money so that he can buy a better amp.

    Around the beginning of the school year, he decided to hold auditions for the band though he accepted one or two members through connections and persuasion.

    Inspirations/Idols/Who they look up to:
    He listens to many bands but he only idolizes one person, that is Toshiya of Dir En Grey.

    How he got to know the band/Got into the band:
    He is the founder of the band

    -- Works part time at a convenience store
    -- Has a sweet tooth.
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  4. Placeholder vocalist
  5. reserving lead guitarist
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