well... its been a few months or more.

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So, I decided that I was going to return to Iwaku. I don't know how long I'm going to be around for, because my life is like super chaotic right now. I'll try and find some time to log on and see what's happening, make a few comments, ect ect-- But other than that, I probably won't be joining any role plays sadly.

Well, I must take a leave now, seeing as I made my welcome back entrance. So, if ya'll remember me, I'm sort of back.
I Remember you, from Rpgc right>?

Welcome back.
Somewhat welcome back if you're every around and have any new question I might be able to help

*walks off into the shadows*
I understand about chaotic lives, believe me. *Comforting hug* Be as active as you see fit! Happy to see that you're making an appearance. :3
Welcome back! I hope you're able to stay for a longer while and enjoy yourself :)