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  1. I'm terrible at introducing myself in real life, so let's just launch into it before I get cold feet.

    Call me Remix for now! I'm a home-schooled nerd stumbling through various languages, playing around with game design, video editing and writing non-RP stories and scripts. Yes I have too many video games and yes I am subtle weeb trash.

    I've been writing and making characters since I was just a smol lil' bean, but started roleplaying... Geez almost three years ago now, after a particularly unsatisfying semester of D&D. In any case I like to think I'm pretty solid RP wise, but definitely no novella-detailed veteran.

    Not sure what else to say, so... Here I be!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Remix! ♥
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  3. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm new here myself. Also, I love your title because angst!
  4. Thank ye kindly!

    Yessss, fellow angst bud. Welcome to you too, I love your name ^^
  5. Yess! Angst is where it's at! Thank you very much XD
  6. Welcome ^^ I think I'm still a noob around these parts as well...~

    Does being a Jaded Waifu count as angst??

    OH- nice avatar btw ~
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