Well hello there!!

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  1. Hey everyone, so I am gonna be on a while, and wanted to know if anyone wished to rp in the Bordello chat with my. I am open to pretty much any idea, and any one. So come, rp, chat, hangout, whatever suites your fancy. <3
  2. Hello. I've never chat roleplayed and was just wandering in here familiarizing myself with it. I'm in if you're still wanting to chat rp
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  3. Yeah sure! I'll head there now!
  4. Just gonna bump this. I am gonna be pretty much all day, so feel free to hit me up. <3
  5. Hey I am up to rp in Bordello, don't hesitate to come join me. <3
  6. I wouldn't mind rping with you.
  7. Ill do some rping with anyone here ^-^ Open for the Bordello. Never done it, bit will be pleased if someone would like to start rping and ill play along ^-^
  8. Send me a PM and we can discuss what we wish to rp and then we can jump in there whenever you're ready :)
  9. That sounds good. I've done it now ^-^