Well hello there!

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm Laura. :)

    I'm new here but I'm not new to roleplay. This is my first time on a roleplaying forum site so it's taking me a while to get to know the place and understand whats going on.

    I enjoying coming up with plot ideas, new characters, scenarios and just generally getting to know new people. :)
    So yeah, hello everyone! I hope I like it here.
  2. Hello! You'll get along just fine here, friend.
  3. Why thank you, friend. I'm just getting used to it all at the moment. Just signed up for my first roleplay. Feels a bit strange getting back into things.
  4. Greetings Laura, welcome to the community!
  5. Thanks for the greeting! I'm excited to be joining the community.
  6. Welcome! Perhaps, we could roleplay together some time. I'm new to this whole thing myself, and it's a little bit overwhelming with all the different threads and whatnot.
  7. Hi there! Welcome to the site. ^^
  8. @thisolddarkmachine Thanks! It would be great to roleplay sometime. I know it's very daunting just beginning on this site so it's nice to get to know a few people. :)

    @Gladis Thanks for the welcome!
  9. Welcome Laura! :P
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