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  1. Good day/ night to everyone out there!
    My real name is Silke and I'm 15 years old, though, you may call me Sin if you'd like ^^
    I've been roleplaying for over a year now though lately tried to do more Para RP.
    I don't really mind what kind of genre the roleplay is I'm having, as long as all the Rpers have fun it should be fine.
    Mostly I use my own character, a Hellguard named Sinderi Sijobu. (Hehehee... demons o3o )
    Anyway, the way I roleplay is greatly effected by the music I'm listening to, so if I act a bit 'strange ' blame it on the music.
    Well, hope to see y'all around.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! ^.^
    I met someone named Silke once! She is back in Germany now -nods-
    Anywho! If you have any questions.. don't be scared to ask :D
  3. That's funny since I live in Holland, next to Germany ^^
  4. "Sin? Like off Spirited Away? Heh, kidding.
    "Its a good movie though." ;w;

    "Anyways, nice t'meetcha! Hope to see you around!"
  5. Hello Sin!

    My roleplay partners know that if my characters start to giggle a lot I'm sleepy and they tell me to go to bed!
    People on here don't mind weird moods thankfully xD

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    Where people are awesome. Yupp!


  6. Welcome to Iwaku, I see we share a love of demons. Though I haven't any demon characters, I am currently developing a necromancer who is allied with quite a few, so I always get excited when I find someone who enjoys role playing with them. I also understand how it is to write while listening to music (one moment my character is sitting by a fire, relaxing and having a grand time doing so, the next they're slaughtering attackers left and right). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here and wish you the best!
  7. Thankyou for the warm welcome ^^
    -Hugged.- o-o

    Well i think I will see quite a few of you around for sure hehe ^^