Well, fiddlesticks... I never got around to say hi huh?

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  1. Time to remedy that!

    It is with a renewed desire to write and socialize along with a pressing need to keep my mind occupied from food after a rather drastic resolution to eat healthy from now on that I come back to these parts. No need to look around for my past, for this account is a blank slate as the one previous was deleted by myself after one of my lengthy moody and unproductive bouts of disinterest, so I may as well give you the basics about myself, yeah?

    I'm Taurieuse, which is a small inner joke with my family, referring for both my pigheaded dog, my sometimes impish teasing and a bit of my astrological sign. I'm female biologically and less decisively mentally and emotionally, and I've been around this strange world for about a quarter century if you round my age up a couple years. I learned to write, read, understand and speak English somewhere between eight and twelve years of age, and have been roleplaying sporadically through both forums and Multi-User Dungeons from about by fourteenth or fifteenth year on. I'm always game to try a new combination of genre, though I'm pickier about plots and settings.

    I think the rest can be found in my resume, so the only thing left to say is I like to write while listening to catchy songs, get inspired by watching random things, and wish to kick myself into gear and get once more into books, manga and video games. That's it, hit me up if you want or even stay tuned to my attempt at making fully outlined characters! Heck, I'll put up something in the partner search soon, I wager.
  2. I never got around to saying hi, and I don't plan on fixing that for myself, but, hey, what can you do? (Not be as stubborn as me, thats what.) Well, Welcome to the site, I guess. I'm not the most social of people, so this is awkward for me. So....Hi, welcome, make yourself at home, and don't feed the people, most of them bite.
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    Welcome, Welcome! I am Daisuke Yazamaki! Hope to see ya around!
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    Welcome to Iwaku ^^ *gives cookies *
    (your profile looks like people form fullmetal ahchemist
  5. They are actually the protagonist and the first underling of the Nocturne game of Shin Megami Tensei fame. :)
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