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  1. So I don't have a grasp of the mechanics of this website yet, as I haven't actually sat down and taken the time to see how everything works, and I know that I should have probably put this in the group section...but whatever. I'm interested in multiple partners for a variety of 1x1's, although I had my heart set on a particular path.

    I want to do a 1x1x1 or if multiple people find what I'm about to post appealing we can add more. This is a preview of the idea I had: The idea of a medieval fantasy world that had been wrought with war and strife. A great darkness had descended upon the land where an ancient evil had taken residence threatening to throw the world into a state of extreme chaos, allowing him to feast of the misery and dread of others and eventually turn the world into his own dark playground. He wielded 2 powerful blades, one infused with the purest of light and the other with the darkest form of black. The two blades could nullify one another but when wielded by the same person their destructive power was beyond measure. His plans for turning the world into a nightmare of his own creation was almost realized until he was betrayed by the woman who had been at his side from the very beginning. Fearing that he had lost all sense of who he had once been she had taken his blade of darkness and rose against him. Their battle nearly tearing the world apart ended with her blade stuck deep within his chest. That was over 1,000 years ago, and the old story has been told so many times that its almost impossible to discern what parts of the story are true and what has been added or omitted. However, a darkness is stirring and there are whispers on the wind of something approaching...something like that. The idea isn't fully put together but I'd love to get a few people to help me knead and roll this out.

    Aside from that I'd also be interested in a Dystopian rp, again I want to try to do a 1x1x1 just for the added dynamic. Here are some pairings for which i think it would work, if any interest you, feel free to respond or inbox me.

    BrotherxGirlxBrother (This is more for a romantic love triangle of some kind)

    If you can think of any that might interest you that I haven't mentioned, feel free to mention it to me. I want to hear ideas if you have them.
  2. The brother x girl x brother sounds really nice c:
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  3. I would love to do your 1x1x1 rp! I would happily do it as a 1x1 if you were keen. The stories of the darkness is amazing and I would love to do it with you!
  4. Interested in brother girl brother or werewolf vampire human/hunter