We'll be upgrading this week!

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Sometime this week, prolly during the weekend or directly after, Iwaku will be UPGRADING. :D FINALLY. Been tweaking for months waiting for the opportunity.


In fact MOST of the features, links, way the forum works will still be the same. This is not an import or a new forum system, it's just an upgrade. Yes it's necessary. It's all updates, bugfixes, and addons.

We will have a new forum style, with the colors yooou voted for in the Feedback forum! :D (The 'holiday' styles will be added shortly after!)

We wiiiiill have some cool new features to play with and enhance the roleplay areas, like a place to store your character bios, plots, etc!

We won't have a dice roller built in for awhile. D: However, I AM going to make a test forum where our D&D GMs/Players can do dice roles and have proof of them. I'm still trying to bribe someone in to making an update for me. c__c

There will be a new shoutbox system that we'll be testing out! Hopefully with better loading time!

As with ANY upgrade, we'll be counting on members to spot any errors or bugs that sneak past! The upgrade itself should go really smoothly, but there's always one or two things that pop up.

......so you have been warned. c__c The forums will be down for about an hour (give or take a few minutes) while I run the upgrade and make sure nothing exploded. It'll either be on THURSDAY or on MONDAY depending on how long I can keep my hands off it. o_____o
Hope it works out.

*pets mysql learning material*

I'll get you a dice roller once i'm through with this lot =/ it would be quicker to bring one from mars though.

I wish we had those buttons when your writing a post that isn't a quick reply which are shortcuts to stuff like bold, spoiler tags, & all that.
And if the server blows up, it is gonna be Diana's fault. :cow:
I wish we had those buttons when your writing a post that isn't a quick reply which are shortcuts to stuff like bold, spoiler tags, & all that.

...We already have that now. .__.; It's the "Go Advanced" button or the "Add New Reply" image button!

You can also go to your UserCP -> Edit Options -> Scroll down to the Message Editor Interface. And make sure it's either set on Standard (which should be default) or Enhanced which is ridiculously fancy!

You can actually create temp-personal cbox channels! Imagine how badass that'll be for roleplaying! O________O IMAGINE!
Slightly bemused by the fact that this'll be the second forum I frequent with a green/black color scheme... seems spiffy enough so far though.
Makes me think of the Green Lantern....

Anyways, BLOGS?!
Woo! Green background! Mabu like! Reminds me of the Hellsing background I used back when we were still Proboards.
if you want someone to help with awards and their giving out and soforth, I'm your hyppocritical huckleberry! /not even remotely hidden ambition and vanity
aaah! people! on the side of my iwaku! get off you fiends! *beats them with a stick*
Rawr....This shall take some getting used to, indeed. But the server didn't crash! ^_^ Yay, Da:nana:!
Well I'm sure it is what you want and do not want to hear but time to give you the list of things that are bugging and suggestions.

1. Thread pages are too long. Thread pages extend beyond the final post. That could already be fixed but I've noticed it on several occasions.

2. Recent Blog Entries vs. Popular Blog Entries. Nice that we have that open and close bar on the left side of the forum, however, that blog section only shows popular blogs rather than the recent entries.

3. Trouble with Notifications. I have a notification from a group and I'm pretty sure I know which one it is. The only problem is I cannot get rid of that notification. Even when I mark said group as read the thing keeps coming back please help.

4. Easy for Beginners? I noticed our so called "Big Green Guide Button" is now subtle like a grey rat in a pack of near black ones. Also having some helpful links on the forums as well as the home page would be great. Perhaps naming it a Tutorial Guide or something that broadcasts the term, information. I looked at the main page and looked at the guides, however, there does not seem to be that much appeal behind them.

As more come I'll edit but these are just the top 4 I noticed.

[edit]Alright I'm changing #2 from Recent vs. Popular to "When does recent articles/blogs get into that section?"[/edit]

[edit2]It takes at least 1 hour. #2 is solved.[/edit2]

[edit3] 5. Why can't I see the text? (Please take that question like an FAQ question) There does seem to be a problem with text in the text bar. The text color and bar are the same or at least very similiar colors. Nothing beats being unable to edit such things like titles because of this problem. In the cbox though so long as you are using a darker text color you should be alright for now. Either uniforming text before it is entered to Arial black or making the text bar the same color as the rest of the forum will be fine in my book.[/edit3]
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