Well....after its all said and done I think all that is left is handing out cookies

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  1. Yup cookies...with little happy faces that say hi.....maybe??/ Or maybe I should settle down and just say HI EVERYONE.
  2. You stole my idea. >:( I'm the one who hands out the cookies here. So here. *gives cookie shaped like bunny* Welcome to iwaku.
  3. OOOOO look cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Noms on cookie...Ripping apart its ears first~ Thank you.
  4. ^_^ I'm Angel. *Bows* I hope you like it here. There is no way out. *Ahem* We love it here.
  5. ~Slightly nervous as he clicks the red X......GASP~ Its like SAO...... ~Bows back~ I am Kostuno ~Flails arms above his head~
  6. You are now my new best friend because I love SAO. *flails as well*
  7. YAY FRIENDS.... ~FLAILS HARDER TELL HIS WHOLE FRAME IS WIGGLES~ ^_^ ...Whos your favorite chara? and has you seen the abridged version??
  8. *Calmly straightens askew frame* Asuna and Elizabeth are my two favorite characters. ^_^ And no, I haven't. :o Is it good?
  9. I shall watch it when I am off work.
  10. ^_^ Please do enjoy.
  11. Gaaaah, work is so slow tonight. >.< I'm wasting away at this desk and I still have three hours!
  12. Sad face. How does the rp work here?
  13. Basically you find someone who would like to RP with you, the two of you mutually come up with a basic plot line or goal for the characters, and then you wing it from there. You can decide between posting it publicly (in the forums) or privately (in the PMs); and then you and your rp partner play out the chosen scenario with their characters, throwing in twists and surprises wherever they see fit.
  14. Sounds legit. Never rp'ed on a forum before, hoping its better then what I was doing... ~Those are sad memories~ SO MUCH RP fail
  15. If you'd like to, we can start a roleplay. Just PM me.
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  16. Um, sounds like it needs to be a thing.
  17. HIIIIIII Kostuno! 8D Welcome to the site! Here is your :cookie:!
  18. Hello Diana, thank you for the cookie ~Happily noms~
  19. My work here is done.