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  1. First off I'd like to introduce my self~ My name is Lady Shadow or Lord Ferlin depending on if your looking for a male in roleplay or female in roleplay. I am below the age of 18 but my mind how ever is not. Or at least I like to think it isn't.

    I have been roleplaying for about 7-8 years now and I have been creating stories for 9 years. I have many Diverse and original characters who all have many different personalities and looks. I think my main focus in roleplay is supernatural and fantasy. But I do really enjoy the Victorian Era, Medieval Era, and even the late Medieval Era.

    I love Vampires, they are my passion in roleplay. I have my own version of vampires though Thats all I really ask, to use my version of them. Vampires

    I have many ideas and plots floating around in my head. I must warn you though my ideas can get very dark and offensive. I warn you before hand be open to: Cursing, Drug&Alcohol Use, Mature themes, Offensive Slurs and Behavior.
    The only thing I am not open to is: Sexual Based Nudity and Sexual Themes. (Sexual Based Nudity meaning if they are naked for the purpose of pleasing ones eyes~)

    Scenes can be skipped over though! Like a time skip to after its already happened.

    I have no triggers to be honest! None at all. I am not offended by Racial Slurs, if they are in roleplay or directed out of roleplay. All I ask is respect though...I can't stand those who are so high on their throne they think they are untouchable.

    I ask you don't assume I've forgotten the roleplay cause chances are I'm either feeling like I'm not good enough, I'm bored of the roleplay, or I am not in an emotionally good state for it. But how to fix that is simple! Communication with me. I have a skype and I would really enjoy widening my branches of friends.

    Now I know you all will be wondering what kind of ideas I have currently just Pm me or comment with what you craving for roleplay currently and I can tell you now chances are I have an idea for it and if not I create them pretty fast. Do not think I only do supernatural and Fantasy because I am open to much much more. Apocalypse, Sci-fi, Gore, Horror, maybe even some fandoms. I will only do fandoms if I know what your talking about and am comfortable with doing it.
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  2. Hello there I'm interested in trying to do an to with you
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