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    You walk through a forest with tears in your eyes, out of breath and panting. You ran as fast as you could but it was hard to get away from them. "Someone out here?" You call but no answer. "Anyone?...help?" You start to cry. Then you feel a ominous presence around you. He was tall, pale, faceless and in a suit. That was all you could remember before you blacked out.​
    -no being your own boyfriend/girlfriend. You'll be issued a warning
    -You can make your own characters
    -you can be the original pastas but only one of them. No two or more of each. I'll make sure of this because ill be posting who's already claimed the originals
    -please no fighting out of character
    -and have fun :)
    Sexual orientation:
    Appearance(picture, description,ect):
    Theme song (for fun :) ):

    Btw this is my first time making a thread here but I'm a experienced role player.
  2. ❤ Characters & Relationships❤
    ❤ Relationships❤
    Jeff❤ Juliet (in a relationship)
    Jeff←Juliet (One Way Love)
    Jeff→Juliet (One way love)
    Jeff♡Juliet (broken up)
    Original Pastas Taken
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    Name: I'm Lux Rose
    Personality: Lux is a intelligent and sweet girl who once looks at life with hope and curiosity, now her bright green eyes shut and teared up, unwilling to see how beautiful life once was. She's a very distant and quiet girl with a lot of knowledge on animals. She has a strong passion for them one that she'll never give up. One that keeps her at peace. She was kind and sweet but now she shuts every person out. Too afraid to get close to anyone she says away from girls and boys alike. She gets jumpy and afraid when someone's mad or makes sudden movements. But if you get her to trust you some how she can be one of the sweetest most lovingly loyal girls you'll ever meet.
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Gender: I'm a girl....
    Age: Lux is 16. Her birthday is April 9th
    Theme Song: Dont you dare forget the sun - Get scared
    Family:.....th-they....I ran away...
    Pets: Lux owns a small black kitten with one grey eye and one black with white speckled paws and ears named Treble Cleff
  4. Is it okay if I play Jeff?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.