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  1. Hi! This is where we can chat about the roleplay (or other things) and you can post your character's bio!

    Character Sheet::









    Roleplay is here.
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  2. Name:: Aki Okamora

    Alias(es):: None

    Age:: 16 years old.

    Gender:: Male

    Type:: Loli-Shota

    (without the ear piercings)

    Personality:: Happy-Go-Lucky, Friendly, Protective, Competitive, Kind Of Short Temper, Moody, and Flirty (in a cute way).

    Past/Bio:: Aki has a good life. He had an amazing childhood, getting everything he ever desired by a snap of his fingers. His parents are rich and sent him to the best school because they wanted the best for him. He stumbled across the Host Club and immediately joined when he learned he could be his true, child-like self.
  3. anime girl.jpg
    Name: Mosi Hirabayashi
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Type: Natural Type
    Personality: She's very carefree and kind. She really isn't afraid to speak her mind but knows when to keep her opinion to herself, although when she gets angry she'll say her opinion without caring about how the other person will react.
    Past/bio: Mosi's parents are divorced. Her mother and her used to live in America until Mosi decided she wanted to meet her father and spend time with him. Her father is a well known, and famous, inventor in Japan. He enrolled Mosi in Ouran mostly for the name of going to such a prestigious school even when his daughter insisted on a normal, 'commoner' highschool. She absolutely refuses to wear the women's uniform finding it completely hideous. She faked a doctors note that stated she was allergic to the fabric so she's allowed to wear her own clothes to school.

    if you only want males for this rp lemme know and I can change.
  4. No, no! It's fine that your character is a female! :3

    Welcome to the Host Club!
  5. Yay~ ill post soon
  6. Hmm....we need more people...
  7. I can ask some friends?
  8. That'd be amazing! I would be really grateful. :3 I think I can work some magic myself.
  9. [​IMG]
    Kiyomi Nakamura

    Queen, Ki-chan (or any other honorific), Kimi, KiNa (first and last name), and... 'Jiggles'.

    16 (May make her older)


    Strong yet silent type

    Her uniform
    ~other images~

    { Nonchalant | Intimidating | Protective | Observant | Well mannered }
    { Genuinely kind to her friends }

    Kiyomi is a pretty well mannered and mute looking girl. She's often seen with a calm expression, and isn't the slightest bit scared of anything, even if you try to scare her (which people don't even do, in the fears of being punched reflectively). However sometimes she can even come off as intimidating to others, releasing a menacing aura. The blonde is strong willed and a fearful person as well, because of her skills with various fighting styles. If provoked, Kiyomi will have a sharp tongue and a witty mind before becoming her dark and menacing self everyone fears.

    It isn't easy to be her friend, but once befriended, she is genuinely benevolent and surprisingly gentle. As if all the rumors about her ferocious and monstrous reputation weren't true. Though she may seem mute to others, she willingly speaks to those she's allowed into her life if spoken to most of the times and becomes protective as well. She is quite logical with reasoning and neutral, seeing both sides of a situation, yet calmly staying in the middle. So consider yourself lucky that she's allowed you to befriend her and get close to her.

    It's not surprising that Kiyomi was born into a high and rich family that runs a large company as well known as disney. Born a girl with golden locks of hair, and brown eyes she is by blood actually American/japanese mix. Her mother being japanese and her father being American and Korean mix. Growing up Kiyomi was always spoiled, however under this nice display she was also a very hard worker naturally, becoming a workaholic from the age of five because of her parents. Eventually at an early age, once she turned six, Kiyomi's mother taught her Mixed Martial Arts to relief her stress as well as 'toughen' and 'better' her daughter. Kiyomi's fun, besides being spoiled, was fighting. And it was then decided that her mother would pass down the same skills she held onto, down to her daughter.

    Kiyomi was a fast and quick learner. Up until now she has conquered proficiently in Taekwondo, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing style. She was already advanced at all 4 different styles at age 14 in actuality, and has picked up 'fighting' as a hobby.

    (Got lazy with bio XD)

    - American / Korean / Japanese
    - Has her mothers last name
    - Looks more like her mother, as well as holds more of her traits.
    - Kiyomi has a pet fawn flemish rabbit.
    - She prefers to wear pink and likes it.
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  11. Either way is fine!
  12. I'm gonna make a female.. And see if you like it o.o
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  15. Welcome to the Host Club!
  16. Nicolae, your character is welcomed to the Host Club!
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  17. Uhm, I'ave done it? ; u ; @Kitsune
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  18. Welcome to the Host Club!

    Sorry for taking so long to accept you, by the way.
  19. Is it alright if I play twins? One boy and One girl?
  20. Since we're getting new people please don't leave me behind. I'm pretty busy during the weekdays with school and games on the weekends. So yeah :(
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